greek cappie toga 'Greek': Season 4 premiere gives us 'something to hope for'Sticking with the TV trend of the day, “Greek” begins Season 4 with a time-jump. When we last saw the KTs and ZBZs, it was spring break, but the January 3 episode kicks off with graduation. Gotta love beginning with the end, right?

During his speech, Cameron from “Ferris Bueller” — we never did learn the Dean’s name — offers Casey (Spencer Grammer), Ashley (Amber Stevens), Evan (Jake McDorman) and the rest of the graduating CRU seniors the following piece of advice: “A wise person once said that the grand essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

Of course, Casey is a little distracted, looking around to see if ex-boyfriend Cappie (Scott Michael Foster) showed up to see her off.

Three months later, Casey’s life is still just as uncertain. With Ash in NYC (and hating it) and little bro Rusty working on dethroning Cappie as Kappa Tau president, she’s on her own to figure out why she didn’t get into law school at CRU – and there’s bonus Sam Page to make things a little more clear for her. (We’d been hoping we’d see him again, since his character went AWOL on “Gossip Girl.”)

She’s also waiting for a proper goodbye from Cappie, since she’s all packed and ready to head off to Washington for law school at George Washington. Cappie, however, appears to have had the summer of his life after spending a month exploring Sydney… no, not Sydney, Australia. Sydney, some girl from Florida.

While things might not be looking to good for our favorite opposites attracted, love could be in the air elsewhere. Dale and that ZBZ from “High School Musical” (okay, her name’s Abigail, but we prefer to think of her as that ZBZ from “High School Musical”) have some potential, and Rusty and Ash even manage a little long-distance flirting. Plus, we’re really glad to see Calvin and Heath back together.

Against all odds, the episode does leave us with a little hope for Cappie’s future with Casey… maybe. And, like all good time-jumps, it leaves us wondering what happened in the interim… specifically on Cinco de Mayo, which led to a tequila-fueled encounter between the two not-so-in-lovebirds.

You won’t want to miss the new season, premiering Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC Family, right after the premiere of “Pretty Little Liars.” There are togas. Enough said.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie