Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll get to tonight’s Greek in a minute, but first I want to take a moment to talk about crush baskets. I have never heard of such a thing before, but wholeheartedly endorse everything about the concept. Back in my day we had flowers (mostly carnations) and balloons that we could send to our secret and not-so-secret infatuations, but entire care packages brimming with goodies? Brilliant.

OK, on with the show. Now, I like Greek. A lot. I’m not even going to qualify it by calling it a guilty pleasure. But tonight’s episode really didn’t move things forward story-wise (other than bringing legacy girl Jen K. into Rusty’s circle), and the static nature of the hour magnified several things that need to change. Pronto.

1. Little Miss Rebecca Logan needs some new material. I went to high school with a Senator/future Senate Majority Leader’s daughter. While it did give us an A-list guest speaker for 11th grade government class, the "my daddy is a Senator" card didn’t have many other uses.

2. While several male viewers probably added a beer volcano to their personal wedding wish lists, do you think it’s possible for there to be an episode where there isn’t a party, mixer, sporting event? How about one where underdog Rusty doesn’t save the day. Between winning Beer Pong, winning floor hockey (even if the victory was kicked out due to a missing cup technicality) and making Vesuvius erupt and rain cheap beer, he should be set by now.

3. And just as Beaver knows "MILF" is a dead term (hence his "I [Heart] Hot Moms" shirt), it’s time to put a moratorium on the usage of the word "cougar." I know, I know, it was less than a year ago that Barney used it on How I Met Your Mother, but the acceptable slang cycle is a cruel mistress.

Still, how awesome was Gladys’ sequined sweater?

4. Oh, and Calvin? Stop acting like such a guy.

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