focused on yet another sorority tradition that I know nothing about: the Crush Party. Unfortunately, a few of our sisters took the word "crush" a bit too literally in their attempt to land a dream date.

Caution! Crushable spoilers below.

As usual, the central action of the show centers around a Greek social event, this week the aforementioned Crush Party. In the midst of party preparations Casey is still stinging from last week’s discovery of Frannie and Evan’s budding relationship, and she’s attempting to ease that sting by eating every Hostess cake in the state of Ohio. Oh, girl. We’ve all been there. Go with the cupcakes, they kick those puny Zingers’ ass any day of the week. Frannie keeps trying to mend fences but Casey forcefully claims she’s still processing the information and needs a little more time.

Casey obviously has great luck, because even as she’s distressing over Evan and Frannie’s relationship she manages to meet the very cute, very hot Drew Collins (who, unbeknownst to her at the time, is totally Ashleigh’s Hot Ness Monster from the season finale). She decides to have Ashleigh anonymously deliver him an invitation to the Crush Party, but as soon as Ashleigh sees him they realize they have quite the problem on their hands. After a bit of negotiation they decide to invite him to the party together and have him decide which one he likes best, with the "loser" backing out of the race gracefully. Yes, this will work out perfectly! Nothing ever goes wrong in situations like this!

As the party approaches the girls become more and more catty to each other and the cattiness eventually seeps in right in front of Drew, who rightfully wigs out. When Ashleigh has a few minutes alone with him and realizes he doesn’t even remember her from spring break she quietly concedes the race to Casey. Casey and Drew get along very well and share a few very steamy kisses at the end of the episode, but when Casey spots Frannie and Evan kissing she realizes she’s being just like Frannie and doesn’t want to let a guy come between her and Ashleigh. She tells Ash she doesn’t want to see Drew any more because she doesn’t want him to come between her, but Ash insists she keep seeing him. I hope she does, because Drew is a total babe. This realization also leads her to tell Frannie that they won’t be friends any longer because she feels Frannie chose lying, cheating, manipulating Evan over her and that’s a deal breaker.

In the second biggest storyline of the night, Rusty finds himself completely unmotivated by a boring polymer science class. This ennui (and a bit of a push from notorious major-changer Cappie) causes him to doubt his chosen path in life and he considers switching his major. He’s helped out by new R.A. Sam, a nerdy and awkward guy who is really, really kind of bad at being an R.A. By the way, the casting directors must have had a thing for summer movies because the actor playing Sam and the actor playing Drew were both in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, as Costas and…um…hot artist guy, respectively. Not that I saw that movie. Ahem. Moving on. All of this indecision coincides with the dorm’s annual "Senior Stockades," a competition where the senior engineering students barricade themselves in their dorm rooms and the underclassmen have to try to get in. Rusty takes on the very difficult challenge of getting into Sam’s room, and in the end even though he doesn’t succeed it makes him realize he really does love science and the process of putting a puzzle together, and he happily sticks with his major. I’m pretty sure this is the first time polymer science has had a major storyline in a teen television show, which is one of the reasons I love this show.

Also having troubles this week is Rebecca, who is completely caught in the eye of infamy due to her and her father’s recent scandals. Cappie decides that instead of moping "when life gives you lemons, make lemon drops" and they use her new "handicap" to get cool things like primo parking passes and free nachos. Free nachos rule! In the end, though, when Rebecca sadly tells Cappie her parents are getting divorced and obviously needs a shoulder to cry on, he can only reply with humor and jokes. She doesn’t take this well, which doesn’t bode well for the future of the relationship. I’m kind of ready for them to break up, because Cappie hasn’t had anything good to do this season and I am in a serious Cappie drought. More Cappie capers, please!

Since there are so many quotable lines on the show, I thought I’d include a few of my favorites each week at the end of the recap. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

Favorite quotes:

  • "I’d hug you right now but I’m afraid to get my hands too close to your mouth." – Ashleigh
  • "I have new respect for Chelsea Clinton." – Rebecca
  • "Me, too. Ever since she grew into her face she got foxy." – Cappie
  • "Help me, Toby Kwan. You’re my only hope." – Rebecca

What did you guys think? Is Casey right to not forgive Frannie? Will Cappie and Rebecca’s relationship survive this test? Should Casey keep seeing Drew despite Ashleigh’s interest? And is anyone else still giggling at the thought of rebellious Dale not wearing underwear?

Posted by:Carrie Raisler