Dilshadvadsaria_greek_240Sometimes Greek makes me wonder — what’s the point of being someone’s "sister" if you hate that person and your entire life is spent trying to make them miserable? Where’s the sorority in that?

Please don’t steal these spoilers.

Of course, I’m talking about Rebecca and Casey. After reaching an uneasy truce earlier in the season, the last few weeks have been ratcheting up the drama between these two, drama which I am sure will all come to a head two weeks from now in the season finale. This week, they’re fighting because the Omega Chi house is hosting a six-way party to celebrate the lifting of restrictions against the Greek system on campus. Although Cappie was a big reason the restrictions were lifted, Evan isn’t inviting the Kappa Tau house to join the party so Cappie decides to throw his own party at the last minute. The ZBZ’s accepted the invitation to the Omega Chi party, but Rebecca and another pledge announce their plans to go to the Kappa Tau party, seeing as the KT house stuck by the ZBZ’s through all of their troubles. Good point, Rebecca, but going against your sisters doesn’t seem like that great of an idea to me. Casey’s solution? She makes Rebecca and her nasty partner in crime who’s name I don’t know "sober sisters," meaning they have to stay home from both parties in case a sister gets too drunk and needs help getting home. Ha! I like it when Casey plays a bit dirty.

In the middle of the night, however, Rebecca decides she’s bored and goes to the Kappa Tau party anyway, shirking her duties. Obviously, a sister then needs her help and a preoccupied Casey, who’s in the middle of a mad flirting session with Wildfire cutie Ryan Sypek, can’t reach her. Casey then has to leave to help her very drunk sister and kill Rebecca, but not necessarily in that order. When she does find Rebecca at the Kappa Tau party, they have it out in front of everyone. I have to say, Rebecca is really in the wrong here. She’s the one who wanted to be in a sorority. When you’re a pledge, you have to do crappy things. Suck it up, Becks. Rebecca asks Cappie for backup but as per usual he stays out of their argument. She urges him to pick sides, which I think he’ll be doing in the season finale. Just a hunch. In the end, Rebecca and Casey are more at odds than ever, and the drunk sister throws up on the Kappa Tau floor. I’m sure it’s seen much worse.

Evan spends the hour trying to enjoy his six-way party (well, at least until Cappie’s crew shows up and pulls the Douchebag, which means they steal all his liquor) but instead stalking Casey and generally acting miserable. He even orders Calvin to keep guys from talking to Casey. This is not a pretty side of Evan, folks. In fact, it’s downright pathetic. Frannie sort of calls him on it and urges him to find a "girl that looks like him like he’s the only one in the room." Um, I think she means her, Evan. Pick up some of those clues she’s been dropping like breadcrumbs for the past few weeks. I would be all for a Frannie/Evan pairing, except for the fact that we’ll have to deal with more awkwardness from Casey. Her being awkward with one of her ex’s new girlfriends is enough for me, thank you.

Rusty’s "relationship" with Tina continued this week, with him struggling to understand how to simply be someone’s "fun buddy" (as she’s coined by Cappie) and not have a greater connection beyond the bedroom. He goes to Casey for advice and she wisely passes the baton to Ashleigh, seeing that talking to her brother about sex would be probably the most uncomfortable situation ever. Ashleigh gives him sage  advice straight from a back issue of Cosmopolitan (complete with issue date and author of said advice), which she claims to have been reading since she was 9. Therefore, Ashleigh has read the same sex article approximately 144 times. She must be genius with a scrunchy by now. Rusty realizes from talking to her that he’s simply not cut out for a "fun buddy" relationship but now doesn’t know how to tell Tina, who’s been incessantly calling him for the past few days. Finally, Heath and Beaver help Rusty out and use the magic of text messaging to let her down easy. Her response? She has crabs. Heh. I guess sometimes, when someone is calling you every five minutes, they aren’t a crazy stalker who wants to use your body for sex. They’re just really, really itchy.

Rusty’s storyline tonight exemplified all of the reasons that fu — err, dating — in the modern age has become so complicated. When I was in college and you needed to get in touch with someone you had two options: calling someone’s room or leaving a note on their dorm room door. That’s it. All of these cell phones, text messages and e-mails leave you without the excuses we always used back then about not being able to reach someone. (Also, we didn’t have digital cameras and YouTube. That was a good thing, youngins, trust me on that.) Life in the 21st century is complicated. Viva la mid-90’s!

Ahem. Sorry. Nostalgia took over for a second there.

Also chartering complicated dating waters is Calvin, who invited Michael (played by Max Greenfield, the very cute Deputy Leo from Veronica Mars) to the fraternity party for their first date. Interesting choice, Calvin. Calvin then proceeds to ignore Michael for a good while, busy helping Evan by keeping guys away from Casey. Michael is immediately uncomfortable but not because he’s worried about the brothers being homophobic. He’s more worried about the fact that he’s at least five years older than anyone in the room. Calvin assuages his worries and then they make out, right in the middle of the party. It’s very cute, but a bit suspect how no one even glances their way. I mean, two hot guys making out right next to me would turn my head any day of the week.

Next week: Spring Break. Awesome.

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