" buttoned its season up last night with a nice big cliffhanger… will Cappie and Casey get back together?

I've gotten several questions on what's coming up next, so I thought I'd field a few today.

How long do we have to wait until "Greek" comes back? I cannot wonder for nine months whether Cappie says yes to being with Casey. -P

The show returns August 31st and I'm hearing that the story will pick up right where it ended yesterday evening, as if no time has passed. So it's safe to say, the next time we see Cappie, he'll still be contemplating his decision. Any thoughts on what you'd like to see him do? FYI, I don't believe we're going to see a "happily ever after" for those two too soon.

Korbi, What have you heard about Evan and Rebecca? I thought the scenes in

the impound lot with them were really cute and think they would make a

cute couple after all the drama Evan's had this season. -Manda
Yes, that totally crossed my mind too, so I asked Dilshad about Evan and Rebecca when we met up at the bar last week, but she said that's not happening. Instead, Rebecca's going to fall off the "sisterhood" wagon she's been riding lately. Yep, bad R.L. will be back in season 3, though Dilshad told me she's going to feel great remorse for the very naughty thing she does. And yes, it has to do with a boy who is totally off limits… but not Evan.

Since Heath is going to medical school, does that mean we won't see him next season? Is he off the show? -Katie
Nah, Heath's sticking around. He hasn't graduated yet!

I didn't get enough Calvin this season. What's next for him? -Scott
A roommate who doubles as I boyfriend I believe… but, be aware, his roommate/boyfriend has some closet issues. And I'm not talking about who's taking up more space in the place where they're hanging their clothes…

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