greek-cast-320.jpgIf you watched last week’s “Greek” — on Monday at 10 p.m. on ABC Family, friends — you know the show is still way fun and you’re definitely enjoying the comedy.

I mean, tell me you didn’t laugh at Dale calling Rusty “J.J.” after his “nerd makeover” and asking him if he’d decided how “Lost” would end. Tell me you didn’t lose it when Rusty tripped and fell while celebrating his progress with the hot sorority chick… Tell me that you didn’t enjoy a sleeveless Cappie and a half-naked Rebecca draping themselves over that professor’s car all 80s-style and Cappie’s subsequent conversation with Casey, clumsily trying to explain all the time he’s been spending with his hot ex…

Tell me!!

Or just keep asking me questions about the show. Because I will keep answering them…

Do I see a romance beginning between Rusty and Ash? -chris
Show creator Sean Smith tells me “Greek” is focusing on a tight Rusty-Ashleigh friendship this season. There could be more for them in the future, but for now, it’s platonic. Ashleigh will actually meet someone new this week. His name is Pete, he’s an Omega Chi and he’s totally going to be her man.

Is there something up with Ashleigh and Beaver on “Greek”? -Karolina
Nah. Beaver will see some action with a ZBZ for sure, but not Ashleigh. Any bets on whom the lucky girl will be?

I like Rebecca but I don’t like her with Evan, they are a mismatch for me. I much prefer Evan with Casey, I know I know Casey and Cappie are “the popular couple” on “Greek” but I can’t help it, I love Evan and Casey even if I heart Cappie too. -Andy
And I, myself, heart Rebecca and Cappie together, so I feel ya, but Cap and Case are good right now. And the Evan-Rebecca saga will live on. The close friendship between Cap and Rebecca will definitely continue, though, which is cool.

“We will see more of them together, especially
in our sixth episode,” says Smith. “Like Ashleigh and Rusty [and their mutual innocence], Cappie and Rebecca have
a lot in common. They’re both fearful of not being distinctive,
living an ordinary life. It’s a great new relationship for them that I

Are Evan and Cappie ever going to be friends again? -Min
Things will be bad between those two for some time.

Any chance Tegan will pop up again? I loved Charisma Carpenter on “Greek”. -Rachel
Sadly, there will be no Charisma this season, but Sam Page — whom you will recognize from a number of series, including “Mad Men” — joins “Greek” next week for a three-episode arc, playing someone from Rebecca’s past who ends up connecting with Miss Casey. And of course Lea Thompson is set to guest star next month.

Any scoop on “Greek”? Something specific to the KTs preferably? -GW
Indeed. Sean Smith tells me exclusively that a music professor played by Andrew Daly from HBO’s “Eastbound and Down” is about to move next door to the KT house with his family. So, yes, keep watching for that. Should be interesting…

“Greek” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC Family

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