greek.jpgGreek” — one of the greatest dramedies on television today, you must start watching if you don’t already — returns to ABC Family with all new episodes this Monday. And in honor of its homecoming, I’m answering your questions about what’s on tap… besides beer at Dobler’s… (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)…

Korbs, What can you say about the premiere of “Greek” next week? -Stephanie
Show creator Patrick Sean Smith told me that Monday’s premiere is titled “The Day After” as a nod to both the concept of the episode — which deals with the aftermath of the season finale party — and the delightful 1983 TV movie about nuclear holocaust.

Are Cappie and Casey getting together or not? -Marie
That road is long and winding, and though Sean Smith calls Monday’s opener “a game changer” for C & C, I think we’ve still got a ways to go before those two will be bf/gf… Cappie and Evan however may reignite their bromance in a big way before we know it.

I love “Greek” and you are the best with your coverage! I started following you because of it, so thank you and can you give me Cyprus Rhoades romance scoop? -Deirdre
My pleasure… One of the cutest couples on campus will not last the season. In fact, I spy a pretty devastating break up around, say, October. Any guesses?

I’ve been keeping up with a lot of the online rumors about the new season of “Greek” and need to know what’s up with all this talk about Rebecca and Ashleigh at odds. How long will their fight last? -Leigh
For quite some time. Rebecca crossed a serious line at that season finale party, which we’ll see go down come Monday, and the ramifications for her actions will be long lasting. Actually, I spoke with Dilshad Vadsaria and Amber Stevens (who play R & A) about this very issue and I’ll have their on-camera commentary for you tomorrow, so don’t forget to check back for more “Greek” goods pre-premiere.

Korbi, I heard via Twitter that you are going to be on “Greek”! When will your episode air and what are you playing? -Linds
Yep, I have a new alter-ego who goes by the name of “20-something ZBZ alum”! Mhmm, I’m a real live member of the ZBZ family… no big deal. Well, actually, it was a huge deal for me and so much fun. I have a couple lines in this season’s sixth episode (“Lost & Founders”) and my scene is with Dilshad and Amber. Actually, my scene deals quite directly with the beef between those two! I think it will air October 5th.

In the meantime, however, ABC Family’s been nice enough to give us a sneak peek a scene from Monday’s premiere…

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