“‘s straight sisters is going to switch teams this season and that girl is the former senator’s daughter.

When Frannie’s big sis returns to CRU for her wedding this week, one of the bridesmaids will catch Rebecca’s eye.



But as Dilshad Vadsaria, who plays Rebecca, pointed out when we spoke today, it’s really not so far fetched. “My first thought [regarding this storyline] was, of all the characters, Rebecca would be the one to do this. It makes sense for Rebecca because she’s never really been herself or known who she is outside of this bubble of being the Senator’s daughter,” Vadsaria explained. “And now that that bubble has totally popped, she has this opportunity to explore who she is and question things that she may not have even thought of questioning before. And Rebecca’s also the type of person who wouldn’t hold back in questioning something. She’s not shy about things and that’s just who she is, so I thought this story fit her well.”

And the story fits “Greek” well too. Though sexuality may be a serious topic, “Greek” — as we’ve seen with its handling of the Calvin character — is skilled at raising issues of importance with a lightness and humor attached.

The show consulted with GLAAD, getting their blessing on the material, and Dilshad spoke with a couple people who had similar experiences in real life. “I wanted to make sure that I took it seriously and I portrayed it in a very responsible manner,” she said.

At the same time, there’s a young and fun vibe to what Dilshad’s character is going through. “There’s a line where Rebecca says to Calvin, So is this how the gays do it?,” creator Sean Smith laughed. 

But, make no mistake, Rebecca’s attraction to a woman isn’t a fleeting thing that will come and go in an episode.

“It’s not like, Oh this is college and let’s experiment! These are really true feelings she’s having,” Dilshad said. “This is a very valid experience for Rebecca and I think it will [help to] form her as a person. I think it’s a character trait in her and it helps put her in the direction of figuring out who she is.”

Also, the actress playing Rebecca’s love interest, Anna Osceola, is sticking around for a while, so yeah, we’ll have time to really see this side of Ms. Logan that neither she nor the audience knew existed before.

It’s good stuff.

For an early peek, peep the exclusive clip below…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh