Stephen Amell.jpgThe lead for the new CW show “Arrow” has been found! Stephen Amell will play the lead role of a vigilante superhero who fights crime with archery and technology using Arrow’s secret identity as Oliver Queen, wealthy playboy and billionaire in Star City, according to Deadline.

Justin Hartley played the role on the long-running CW series, “Smallville.” Dinah Laurel Lance will also be a featured character, though not as the Black Canary and using her middle name “Laurel.” Oliver Queen’s mother Moira is
still alive in the present day, with Oliver Queen returning to “Starling
City” after people believed he was dead for five years.

Amell has appeared on a number of shows, including a turn as Brady on “The Vampire Diaries.” Are you guys excited for this one? Missing Justin and “Smallville?” Will this fill your longing for a comic book series on The CW? We’re actually really excited for this one. Give us your opinion of the casting.

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