green lantern vs parallax 'Green Lantern' releases a bundle of new clips; our 3 favoritesIf “Green Lantern” ends up not succeeding at the box office, it certainly won’t be for lack of effort by the marketing team at Warner Bros.

Eight new clips from the film — which cover everything from the introduction to hero-to-be Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) to a piece of the (presumably) climactic battle with Parallax — hit the web Tuesday (June 7), 10 days before it arrives in theaters. You’ve probably seen bits and pieces of each scene in the myriad trailers for the movie, but the new clips provide a little more context for them.

You can see all eight at HitFix and other sites, but we’ve selected our three favorites. First is a pre-Lantern scene of Hal and his fellow pilot/love interest Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) on a training run, with Hal displaying his flyboy cockiness.

Next: The call to arms of the Green Lantern Corps by Sinestro (Mark Strong), who lays out the threat of Parallax.

And finally, a piece of Hal doing battle with Parallax.

What do you think? Do the clips make you any more (or less) inclined to see “Green Lantern”?

Posted by:Rick Porter