greg berlanti julie plec the tomorrow people cw gi Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec will adapt 'The Tomorrow People' for The CW

It’s a big step to go from “Dawson’s Creek” to “The Tomorrow People.” But that’s just the step that Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec are about to take, working together for the first time in years to adapt a U.K. science-fiction series for The CW.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The CW has made a script commitment to Berlanti and Plec, who will work together for the first time since “Dawson’s” to executive produce “The Tomorrow People.” Since both producers have other CW commitments — Berlanti to “Arrow” and Plec to “The Vampire Diaries” — it is not yet certain how much influence either would have on any potential series.

What is this “Tomorrow People,” you ask? It is a British TV series similar in tone to “Doctor Who” that initially aired from 1973-79. The show chronicled the adventures of a group of teenagers who represented the next stage of human evolution. With powers such as teleportation, telepathy and more, the teens battled threats both alien and earthbound.

But the battles on “The Tomorrow People” came with a catch — part of their evolution meant that none of the super-powered kids could use violence in any way. All dangers had to be averted using only their intelligence and skills. It was incredible.

Nickelodeon aired episodes from the original series in the 1980s, and apparently produced a revival of the series in the early 1990s as well. Seeing as this newest version will air on The CW, it’s probably a safe bet that the themes will be geared more toward teens and young adults than the children making up your standard Nickelodeon audience.

Check out part of an original “Tomorrow People” episode in this video (the rest is on YouTube).

Posted by:Laurel Brown