greg grunberg getty 320 Greg Grunberg on 'Alias' reboot: Not without Jennifer GarnerAccording to a Web report, a “reliable insider” says there had been talk at ABC about creating a reboot of J.J. Abrams‘ spy series
Alias,” which was canceled in 2006 after five seasons.

Zap2it caught up with star (and longtime friend of Abrams) Greg Grunberg to get his take on the possible “Alias” Version 2.0. While he thinks that a remake done the right way “would be very, very cool,” he’s not sure that it could be pulled off without one key player.

“I like to think that I’m not replaceable,” he jokes. “But in honestly, the one person that really made that show what it was, that’s Jennifer [Garner]. She’s so much the face of ‘Alias’ that it would be impossible to reproduce the success of the show without her.”

“With someone else, it would just be another ‘La Femme Nikita’, you know?” he continues. Of course, come fall 2010, The CW’s “Nikita” fills that niche.

“I mean, why remake it at all?” he laughs. “Why not just do something else exactly like it, with other actors and a new name? To me, there’s no one else who can play Syndey Bristow but Jennifer.”

Greg isn’t alone in that opinion, of course. When co-star Michael Vartan spoke with Zap2it, he had this advice for ABC: “I would say, ‘Go with God’ and do something else.
There’s only one Jack Bristow and Sydney Bristow.”

We’re inclined to agree. Besides, “Alias” only ended in 2006. We’re not even done mourning the loss yet.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie