The Portland Trailblazers center Greg Oden apologized to fans this week for his full-monty photos that were meant to be private and are now splashed on the Internet 
Yes, that’s right. The ginormous b-ball player Greg Oden is NUDE on the internet, in photos that he took with his own cell phone. Did Vanessa Hudgens‘ experience teach him nothing?
[Edited photo after the jump.]

]]>GREG ODEN NAKED PICTURES Greg Oden dirty pictures hit the Web. He's really sorry. So is every man alive

And now everyone knows that the photos really are of Ogden. Because in some of the photos, his face was obscured by the camera. But trust us, that’s all that was obscured.
Don’t even think about taking your own photo to see how you measure up, dudes. Not unless you have a lifelong ‘script for Lexapro.
Photo credit: Greg Ogden