greta van susteren fox news cnn Greta Van Susteren urges FOX to hire Jay LenoThough NBC will try their hardest to keep Jay Leno around after his final “Tonight Show” airs on Feb. 6, 2014 (we’ve been here once before, you’ll recall), some folks believe Leno ought to take his ratings dominance to a network that recognizes his strength, rather than repeatedly tries to dump him. One such supporter? Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

Van Susteren took to her blog on Monday (Aug. 12) to question NBC’s move to once again dump Leno, arguing that FOX should snatch up the late night king.

“I think Fox Broadcast should sign him up and compete against his old network,” Van Susteren urges, though she readily notes, “of course no one is asking me…”

“Leno is winning his timeslot … so, in NBC’s ‘great wisdom’ they are upsetting the apple cart and forcing him to go,” she adds. “They have a known winner and are ‘rolling the dice.’ If I were a shareholder, I would wonder about that one.”

Leno will be usurped by “Late Night” host Jimmy Fallon, who is expected to take over once NBC’s Olympics coverage concludes on Feb. 23.

Do you think FOX ought to make Leno an offer?

Posted by:Billy Nilles