greys anatomy karev chief resident abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy': 5 reasons why Alex Karev did the right thing

The race for chief resident heated up on “Grey’s Anatomy” as the field of candidates went down to just two and may have driven Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) to play dirty.
It was a process of elimination for the position as the episode rolled on. Avery (Jesse Williams) pulled himself from the diabetes trial and by doing so, out of the running for chief resident, as well. By going over Teddy’s (Kim Raver) head, Yang (Sandra Oh) proved that her passion was in surgery and would probably die on the vine as chief resident. And while Kepner (Sarah Drew) had the rules down, she lacks the forcefulness to enforce them.
That leaves Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Karev for the position. But, Karev had a tough week and then his new girlfriend (and ruthless witch) snatched away his option of taking a job with the African kids. So, when faced with the possibility that he may lose the chief resident position to Meredith, he ratted Meredith’s tampering with the Alzheimer’s study to Owen (Kevin McKidd).
We know your first thought was probably “Bastardo!” But, we think he did the right thing (recently crossed by the hot doctor and possibly drunk considered).

Hear us out! We have five good reasons:
1.) This is business, not personal.

2.) Meredith took it upon herself to decide between one patient’s life over another. And she had no right.
3.) Derek deserves to know that his trial was in jeopardy and she wasn’t going to tell him.
4.) By doing what she did, Meredith proved she wasn’t the right person for the chief resident job and she really brought all this upon herself.
5.) If Karev didn’t say anything, then he’s as guilty as Meredith is.
Do you disagree? Should Karev have kept his mouth shut?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog