ellen pompeo greys anatomy 320 'Grey's Anatomy' finale: The most difficult loss wasn't due to a gunshot woundSo, thanks to an early look at the first act, online spoiler-philes already knew that Thursday’s (May 20) “Grey’s Anatomy” finale would feature the guy who sued McDreamy this season — he blames Derek for his wife’s death — on a shooting spree at Seattle Grace.

The preview also broke the news that Ms. Meredith Grey is pregnant.
Mazel Tov, right?
Well, no, not exactly.
Because although the shooter, Mr. Clark, didn’t shoot Meredith and her baby, he did shoot Derek … and Owen and Alex and Reed and Percy and a bunch of other nameless people and the stress Meredith endured under the duress of having to operate on Owen while Cristina operated on the father of her baby caused Ms. Grey to miscarry.
Are we thankful that Derek ultimately survived? Owen and Alex too? Of course. 
And were we sorry to see Reed and Percy perish during the debacle?
The scene in which Bailey and Mary (Mandy Moore) lost Percy was heartbreaking.
But the baby going bye bye before Derek even knew about him or her?
That just sucks. 
Or are you anti Meredith and Derek doing the mommy-daddy thing?
And what did you think of the finale as a whole?
Weigh in below…

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh