greys anatomy season 10 episode 14 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10, episode 14: For a hospital that banned relationships, there sure are a lot of relationships

We all knew the new rule on “Grey’s Anatomy” wouldn’t last. 

Last Thursday, the board of Grey Sloan Memorial instated a rule banning all inter-hospital relationships, excluding already married couples. But did you think that rule would fall apart immediately? Because it sure did, on Thursday’s (March 6) episode, “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away.”

Not only did unmarried-but-still-together couple Alex and Jo continue to see each other (first trying a fake breakup and sneaking around until they were caught in a closet by Webber), but the head of the hospital, Owen, hooked up with Yang!

That’s right, not only did the person supposed to upholding the new rule hypocritically break it, but he broke it by cheating on his girlfriend and reigniting the spark with his ex. Wowza. And the cherry on top? He realized he doesn’t want kids after all. He wants to come home at the end of the day not to a stay-at-home-wife and kids, but to his love, and trade each other’s OR stories. Meaning he wants Cristina back, and the one thing that was standing in their way as a couple is no longer an issue.

Does this mean Cristina and Owen are getting back together for real? Or was this just a one-time fling? What does that mean for Cristina’s future, since we all know Sandra Oh is leaving after this season? Does that mean if Owen and Cristina get back together, it won’t last? Or will Owen leave with Cristina, and Kevin McKidd will follow Oh’s suit and exit the series?! And how will this factor into it?!? So many questions!

Other notable moments from the episode:

– Alex tells it like it is when the board reprimands him for his banned relationship with Jo, screaming that they’re all a bunch of hypocrites since the hospital was built on all of them “feeling each other up in the on-call room.” He’s totally right. Why should he and Jo have to suffer for finding each other after all the other doctors found their soul mates?

– April and Jackson finally confess their married status to the other doctors, and everyone’s reactions are adorable. Loving this newlywed couple.

– Turns out it was Leah who lodged the complaint that started all this relationship rule business in the first place, not Stephanie. Looks like that’s going to bite Arizona in the butt. 

– Meredith and Cristina are finally back to being friends, thank goodness. How refreshing was it to see the two besties drinking wine and gossiping about their love lives? Missed this so much.

– The POTUS wants Derek to head up the research, not just be a part of it! Impressive. McDreamy is going places.

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum