I’m guest-blogging for two shows tonight and one of them is Grey’s Anatomy. I’ll be honest… I was head-over-heels for this show when it first started. The writing was strong, the acting was great and the storylines were interesting. It lost me a little with the we-have-no-chemistry-whatsoever-couple of George and Izzie happened. But Mary McDonnell is guest-starring now and she rules the school, so let’s see what is happening tonight at Seattle Grace…

We open as Christina crawls in bed with Meredith and McDreamy, delighting in the Wicked Witch Hahn being gone from the hospital. A strange blonde woman knocks on the house door and leaps into bed with Meredith, calling her "Death." Her name is Sadie, Meredith’s backpacking partner from before med school. Christina and McDreamy lament in the kitchen about her invasion into their lives.

Seattle Grace. Sadie is there to start her residency. Alex tries to get Izzie to talk to him about the Hahn-Denny thing, but she won’t let him in. Inside, she sees Denny’s spirit walking about and talking to her. 3 is sent off to plastics by Christina because of her scratched-up arms (Christina suspects her of cutting herself) and Alex informs Christina that he’s working on a heart transplant that day.

Dr. Hunt, Callie and Christina wait for some crash victims to arrive at the ER. The victim is a man they had to fish out of a working garbage truck. He is impaled on his own femur. Dear lord. Sadie tries to jump in on the emergency but Christina smacks her down. Dr. Hunt has called in McSteamy to help.

Meanwhile, Bailey is charged with showing Dr. Dixon the ropes. That’s Mary McDonnell, being very Rainman. She does heart, she does hearts. Wapner’s on at 4:00. Bailey tries to give Dr. Dixon a tour, as she blathers on about the history of heart transplants. They introduce her to the patient, who has a small heart piggy-backed on his own 6 years ago but now needs a new heart. He’s Navajo and has been seeing visions of the woman who gave him the piggy-backed heart ever since he got it. Dr. Dixon lays it out for him, saing he’ll have a slow, agonizing death if he doesn’t go along with the transplant.

Back with Impaled Man. They are going to yank out the femur from his chest. One, two, three, HEAVE! Except the patient wakes up screaming in mid-extraction. Oops. The patient is homeless and says he can’t survive if he can’t walk, so they have to save his leg. Dr. Hunt says the surgery is off then. McDreamy and McSteamy confront Dr. Hunt about leaving the patient to die. He storms off. McDreamy asks Callie if she can figure out a way to build the homeless man some legs.

She says the right femur is toast but that she can take some bone fragments and hardware and figure something out.

Navajo Heart Guy. He wants his old heart back after the transplant but Rainman Dixon won’t hear of it because the rules say the heart must go out as medical waste. Bailey goes to Chief and asks that they specify in the hospital rules that they respect the beliefs of their patient so that they may give him back his heart. This will help the patient and pacify Dr. Dixon. The Chief just declares it a rule. Heh heh.

Christina introduces herself to Dr. Dixon, who dismisses her, so Christina goes to Callie to find out what happened to Dr. Hahn. Callie says they had a fight and subtlely reveals to Christina that Hahn was her girlfriend. Christina has the werewithal to ask if Callie is okay and she says she’s fine.

McDreamy guilts Meredith into talking to Lexie about her problems and Meredith VERY subtlely asks if Lexie is a "secret cutter." Smooth, Meredith. Before she can answer, McSteamy asks "Little Grey" if she wants to scrub in on a surgery and she says yes and runs off. In the basement, Lexie submits The Tale of the Secret Cutter to the Secret Intern Societ and says they need to shut down for awhile because people are getting suspicious. Sadie is there and encourages them to keep at it. She demonstrates by taking off her shirt and cutting her own shoulder blade with a scapel, then asking who wants to stitch her up. WOW.

Izzie talks to Navajo Heart Guy about her Denny-spirit sighting, wondering if he is bringing her heart transplant patients.. He then asks her not to be in on his surgery because he doesn’t need any extra ghosts in his operating room.

McDreamy and Dr. Hunt talk to Homeless Femur-Stabbed Guy. They tell him that his refusal to have live-saving surgery is not smart and that they need to operate and figure the rest out later.

Surgery. Dr. Dixon is going all ninja on Navajo Heart Guy’s transplant. Bailey tells her about respecting the patient’s beliefs, stressing that it is a RULE declared by The Chief. Rainman Dixon then instructs Dr. Karev to return the heart to the patient after the surgery. Up in the gallery, Denny talks to Izzie as she tries to ignore him. She tells him that previously she would’ve given anything to be able to see him again, but now being able to see him and not touch him is killing her. She  worries that she’s somehow sick  because he cannot be real. But he insists that she touch him. She won’t.

Heart surgery. Navajo Heart Guy’s heart is beating on its own after they remove the piggy-back heart. Dr. Dixon starts to freak out and Izzie stands gobsmacked in the gallery. IN recovery, they tell the Navajo Heart Guy that if his heart continues to fuction this way, he won’t need a new heart. They say that his heart had 6 years to rest and must have repaired itself. He is relieved not to be haunted by his piggy-backed heart owner’s spirit anymore.

Femur-Stabbed Homeless Guy. The reconstruction is going very well. Callie is building a leg from titanium and Lexie is out-pulley stitching McDreamy. The Femur-Stabbed Homeless Guy suddenly starts flatlining and they call time of death. Callie is furious because she built his bones from scratch and all the rest of the team had to do was keep him safe and alive while she made his bones. Christina shooes everyone away while Callie cries. McSteamy hugs her. Nice job there by Sara Ramirez. She’s fabulous.

Izzie gives the piggy-back heart to the Navajo Man, who says they will burn it now because the spirit can cling to any part of it that they don’t burn. Izzie realizes she still has things of Denny’s that his spirit can cling to.

Dr. Dixon goes to leave the hospital and Bailey congratulates her on an excellent job. Dr. Dixon tells her that she likes the regularity and rules of the human heart. She then tells Bailey that she has Asberger’s Syndrome, which is a social impairment that she suffers from. She does point out that she CAN recognize when she is being manipulated, which she knows Bailey did with the "rules" business.

McDreamy and McSteamy have a chat about Lexie where McDreamy advises him not to let Little McSteamy anywhere near Little Grey. Snerk.

Izzie says goodbye to Denny’s spirit because she’s trying to let him go so his soul can be at peace. He says that he IS at peace, but she says goodbye as Alex observes from down the hall.

Locker room. Christina confronts the interns about their Bitch n Stitch circle and tells them to shut it down because practicing on themselves is insane.

At the bar, Callie mopes about Hahn, Christina watches Dr. Hunt and
McSteamy gazes lecherously at Little Grey. Christina catches up with
Dr. Hunt outside the bar and he yells at her then they kiss
passionately but she then walks away. Huh. Back at McDreamy’s, he asks
for a story from Meredith about med school with Sadie and she obliges.

At home, Alex finds Izzie holding Denny’s sweater and she asks him to burn it for her, which they do in the fire place. She then sees Denny again in her bedroom and cannot believe he’s still around. He tells her to touch him and she reaches out… and he’s solid! She puts her hand on his chest, all Dirty Dancing-like, and they kiss. Um, what? What in the hell is happening here? Where is "Unchained Melody" and the potter’s wheel?

Is this a little too soapy for anybody else?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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