katherineheigl greysanatomy s6 290 'Grey's Anatomy': Izzie gets fired and Hector Elizondo guest starsTonight on “Grey’s Anatomy“: the Mercy West doctors arrive, and the scene is completely Jets vs. Sharks, except with much less singing and dancing.

Tonight’s theme is all about invasion, as the influx from Mercy West begins, and on first glance they are quite interesting. One of them is the hot guy from The Sisterhood of the Traveling
Pants 2
!! (Um, not that I’ve seen that movie. In the theater. On opening weekend. Moving
on!) Another is the awesome Nora Zehetner from Brick! And yet another is the
extremely amazing Sarah Drew from Everwood and Mad Men! Is it strange
that I already like the newbies more than the regular cast, even though
they haven’t had one lick of dialogue yet?

Back to the matters at hand. The merger gets off to a rocky start when cocky young doctor Reed (Nora Zehetner) refuses to take her stuff out of George’s old locker., almost causing a throwdown between her and Izzy. Aw, watching Izzy get feisty in the locker room reminds me of the good old days when I didn’t hate her. Due to the sheer volume of cases in the hospital, the Seattle Grace and Mercy West crew are paired up and assigned “zones” to handle the mob scene. The cases are
almost secondary this week, used as props to showcase how the new Mercy West gang are one-upping the Seattle Grace crew at every

Lexie and Mercy West-er April (Sarah Drew) work together on the case of a burglar injured during the act, leaving him with
a broken back. When Lexie is one-upped by the conniving April on the suggested
course of treatment, her thieving patient helps her out by stealing April’s notebook. In this notebook, Lexie discovers not case notes but self-pep talk notes April uses to bolster her flagging self esteem. Lexie cruelly uses the knowledge to tear April down, but immediately feels bad about her actions. She ends up apologizing to April, if you can call telling a person you dislike them but know you did them wrong and never actually saying the words “I’m sorry” an apology.

Cristina and Mercy West-er Jackson are working together to save a man stabbed by his friend for having a relationship with the friend’s 19-year-old daughter. Although Cristina technically saves the patient’s life by fixing the stab wound, Jackson gets all of the credit for doing some heroic tackling when the patient is threatened again by his friend. Cristina ends up in a crying fit in Meredith’s hospital room over the downward spiral of her
career, and how she felt alive when she was working with Burke and
holding hearts in her hands every day. Now she feels none of that, she just feels lost. Why doesn’t she just go back to cardiothoracic? Hahn isn’t there to hold her back any longer.

Alex and Mercy West partner Reed spend the hour fighting over a man
with both an adrenal mass and carotid stenosis. Alex and Reed are extremely antagonistic from the start, going so far as to argue about
care in front of the patient and his daughter (Kathleen Wilhoite). In turn, the daughter rightfully yells at them and snaps them out of it…for about twenty seconds until they start up again.

Izzy and Mercy West-er Charles (Robert Baker) get paired up on Sarah Freemont, a young woman in desperate need of a kidney transplant and down to her last access point for dialysis. They seem to be getting along swimmingly until Izzy overhears him bragging to his Mercy West friends about her
being his “surgical bitch.” In the midst of their troubles, Izzy almost kills patient Sarah by ordering a bum procedure and causing her to code. Bailey manages to save the patient, but because of her troubles she will lose her chance at the transplant kidney she’s been waiting three years for.

jamespickensjr greysanatomy s6 290 'Grey's Anatomy': Izzie gets fired and Hector Elizondo guest starsChief has to get down the the nasty business of firing people, and HR insists he use a specific speech because the last person he fired (the pregnant intern) is suing for wrongful termination. Who’s getting the ax? None other than Izzy, who gets chopped for mishandling the kidney transplant patient. Considering she got a total free pass on the LVAD debacle, I can see why she’s surprised. Still, she got a total free pass on the LVAD debacle, so it makes sense for her to be “on notice” for her next big mistake. She takes it extremely hard, to the point where she skips town and leaves Alex via a note taped to his locker. I suppose if Meredith and Derek can get married via post it Alex and Izzy can get divorced via a Dear John letter. I do feel horribly sorry for Alex, and Justin Chambers played his reveal scene superbly.

Off in her own world is Callie, whose Dad (Hector Elizondo)
shows up wondering why they don’t talk anymore. Perhaps because you
were a complete jerk last time you were there, Pops? Just a thought.
Turns out he’s only there to “pray away the gay” from Callie, complete with his
priest in tow for support. Callie is disgusted, but Arizona urges her to cut him some slack since her news
was so shocking. They sit down to talk, but when her father starts
using God to show Callie why her lifestyle is wrong, she perfectly
throws everything back in his place by herself using the words of Jesus. Nicely
played, Callie. Arizona talks to Callie’s father and makes him see that Callie is
still the same person, the person he raised. This makes him see the light, and he makes amends with Callie in the end.

Favorite quotes:

  • “You think you can pray away the gay.” – Callie, to her father
  • “Of course, you were here when that psycho intern cabal was chopping out each other’s organs. That must have been scary.” – April, to Lexie

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler