chandra wilson jason george greys anatomy abc 'Grey's Anatomy': Jason George on whether Dr. Bailey left Ben at the altar for good
When we last saw “Grey’s Anatomy,” Ben (Jason George) was waiting for his bride, Miranda (Chandra Wilson). And waiting.

Was Ben jilted for good?

“Ben is no chump,” George tells Zap2it hours before the show returns on ABC Thursday (Jan 10) after a month’s break. “Ben is a man of action. That is why he is with her.”
“If you leave him at the altar” George says. “He will find you, have that conversation.”
But will the two doctors actually get hitched?
“Whether or not they get married is another conversation,” he says.
Clearly. But the question is if they do.  Does he know? 
“I know, but I am very afraid of Shonda Rhimes,” the buff actor says of the show’s creator.
Since George is also starring in the summer’s upcoming ABC nighttime soap, “Mistresses,” could that mean an exit from the Seattle hospital? That would make a jilting, or at least a breakup, logical.
 “I have not been asked back,” he says. “But I would not be surprised if I were asked back.”
He says he could balance the two shows. He did work a way to go do “Off the Map” without closing the door for good on “Grey’s Anatomy,” so it is not out of the question.
“Remember when Heather Locklear did ‘T.J. Hooker’ and ‘Dynasty’? I’ll be Heather Locklear any time. I’ll do both.”
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler