The Season 6 season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” was a nail-biter to put it lightly. An angry man with a gun is in the hospital and he’s making his way to Derek (Patrick Dempsey), leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.
If it was frightening to us, imagine what it was like for the actors who were just discovering whether their characters would survive the massacre or not.
“That was a tenuous table read,” Jesse Williams (who plays Jackson) tells us while Kim Raver (who plays Teddy) laughs. 
A “24” veteran, Raver says she’s kind of used to the possibility of dying on a show, since on the FOX show, “There’s always that target on your back.”

Warning: Spoiler alert!
According to the actors, the crew will begin undergoing therapy to deal with the bloody incident and its losses. Some will deal with that therapy differently from others, hints Raver. And while she’s dropping hints, Raver also suggests she may be interested in a romantic storyline with the man administering the therapy: The show’s handsome guest star “Mercy’s” James Tupper

It doesn’t hurt to put it out there! Maybe “Grey’s” creator, Shonda Rhimes, is listening?
Watch the interview with Williams and Raver below:

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