jordan belfi castle 'Grey's Anatomy': Jordan Belfi cast in multi episode arcWe’ve been loving “Grey’s Anatomy” more than ever this year, so we’re eager to see where the season goes during its final episodes in May — particularly given the fact that a few of the actors have yet to sign on to return for a potential Season 9.

Though details are being kept under wraps, we do know that Jordan Belfi, best known as Adam Davies on “Entourage,” will be part of the May sweeps episodes. TVLine reports that Belfi will play Ryan, a “funny, self-deprecating and adventurous” patient, in 2 episodes.

No word yet on which doctors will be treating him, but we’ve got our fingers crossed for a potential romance. He’s easy on the eyes.

Belfi will also star in an upcoming “Bones” episode. When Brennan’s books are turned into a movie, Belfi plays the big-screen version of David Boreanaz’ Booth.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie