kim raver greys anatomy 320 'Grey's Anatomy': Kim Raver on Owen, Cristina and '24'Zap2it asks Kim Raver four questions about “Grey’s Anatomy” — and one about “24.”

Dr. Teddy Altman is the newest full-time doctor at Seattle Grace. So, what does the actress who plays her think about Teddy’s issues, the Cristina-Teddy dynamic and whether we’ll ever see Audrey back on “24?”

All the doctors at Seattle Grace have a heap of baggage. Besides still having a thing for Owen [Kevin McKidd], what are some of Teddy’s issues?
I think Teddy has a lot of issues. I have to be a little cryptic just because we’re all excited to reveal stuff about her, but I think she’s been through a lot with losing her best friend in 9/11 and going to Iraq. She does have this sort-of different way of dealing with everything than Owen does. I think it’ll be interesting to see how the two of them — how the difference in the way they deal with things comes out.

How does the Owen thing affect Teddy and Cristina’s [Sandra Oh] working relationship and Teddy’s place as Cristina’s mentor?
It’s going to be tricky. That relationship is where the drama and the comedy are going to come out. How are they going to work through it? There’s definitely a really interesting scene where Teddy is really drunk at a bar and she starts talking about all these things to Owen about her feelings and something that happened in the past, which reveal lot of things about Owen. I think that will tell the audience some big stuff about us as well.

How has it been on the “Grey’s” set so far?
I was just really surprised at the warmth and how everyone just accepted
and embraced me. They’ve been doing this a long time, they’ve had this
huge hit on their hands and they were really, really great. Sandra’s
been amazing. You’re learning so much so fast, you’re learning medical
dialogue and you’re learning all of the mechanics and I’m supposed to
be a pro at it! I had to learn how to flip a scalpel to pass to Sandra’s
character. I couldn’t even see the scalpel or her hand because I’m
wearing a mask, the glasses, the light and she’s been great,
sort-of whispering under her breath “Kim, put your hand here” or “Kim, move this way.” It’s great.

The Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace is a bit like the “Spinal Tap” drummer, with Dr. Burke and then Dr. Hahn. Do you think Dr. Altman is going to stick?
[laughs] God, I hope so! I think Shonda and the team of writers have done such an amazing job with the way they brought her in. I know the fans were worried my character was going to come in and be the home-wrecker and I was really happy to see that it wasn’t just that. They’ve turned it into something deeper and more interesting, so thanks to them for that. The response from the fans has been really positive, and the character is richer and more complicated than people were thinking she would be. I think that’s what cool is the relationship between Teddy and Cristina as well. Teddy gives her this extremely difficult surgery to do on her own, it’s much more layered. But I can’t say any more, I have to keep it at that.

With your role on “Grey’s Anatomy” being made a regular, is there any chance we’ll see Audrey Raines again on “24?”
I don’t know! That’s a really great question. Sometimes it’s “yes,” other times it’s “no.” I think right now I’m so excited to be discovering Teddy and the whole relationship at “Grey’s” and I would say right now, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The great thing about “24” is that you never know, dead people come alive and it’s so exciting but right now my main focus is on “Grey’s.” I will always have a place in my heart for Audrey and for Audrey and Jack and for the whole “24” family.

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