greys-anatomy-abc-recap-suicide.jpgIn this episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” the men have a hard time expressing their feelings and that makes everyone else’s life hell.

In this case, death is the answer
At the hospital, Teddy is working with a patient named Kim (played by “Roseanne’s” Sarah Gilbert) whose lung cancer has spread. She has asked Teddy to help her die. Her husband is clearly against the idea, but he’s letting her move forward. Owen, who is assisting with the case, is unnerved by it and has to leave the room. When Kim asks how long it will take to die, Teddy answered 45 minutes. Oy, that’s deep.

Owen is having flashbacks of his and Teddy’s time in the army. Playful at first, helicopters begin landing and they run off toward them. In the next flashback, we join Owen and Teddy in the middle of a huge group of injured soldiers. They then get the order to move out due to a sand storm. As they’re transporting patients to a safe place, they are suddenly hit by something. The vehicle turned over and the patients are strewn across the sand. There are dead bodies everywhere and Owen discovers his friend on the floor gasping for breath and grabbing his throat.

Back in the present, Kim seems pretty clear on what she wants and she needs to know what her husband Sean is feeling, but he’s not telling her. Meanwhile, she’s making all the decisions. She decided that she wants to die in the hospital, so he doesn’t have to deal with her body. She tells Christina that maybe guys really don’t know what they’re feeling which is why they can’t answer when questioned about it.

When Teddy catches up with Owen, he tells her that she’s basically killing that woman by helping her end her life. Teddy argues that she has given Kim alternatives, but Owen is dead set that it’s the wrong course of action. After Owen refuses to help, Teddy asks Mark (who she has been dating, but not having sex with) if he’ll assist her.

Christina approaches Owen when he hasn’t answered a page. He starts interrogating her about the tests she ran for Teddy on Kim. Then, she realizes that he has taken Kim’s chart. When she says that the test he’s asking about is routine and was probably done, he starts yelling at her about “probably” not being good enough. She then asks him what’s going on and he runs off. Wow, Owen is losing it.

At lunch, Teddy finds Owen in the cafeteria and goes off on him for going behind her back on Kim. When she asks him what his problem is, he gets up and walks away. That was really effective, Owen.

As a result of Owen’s questioning, Teddy has to administer another test on Kim. When her husband grills them on why they’re doing that and begins to get agitated that they won’t answer him, Christina tells him straight up that they’re doing the test to cover the hospital’s liability and it’s totally unnecessary.

Later, when Shepherd tells Owen that he has approved Kim’s assisted suicide, he begins babbling about not letting them do that to him (not her) and it’s clear he’s losing it. Shepherd sends him home. Later, Owen returns to Kim’s room and despite Teddy saying she’ll call security, he asks Kim why she doesn’t just wait and have hope that they’ll find a cure. She tells him that maybe you have to be dying to know what it feels like when death isn’t scary anymore. She then asks Owen why he’s so scared of letting her die.

Outside the hospital, Sean, Kim’s husband, approaches Owen. He tells Sean that when he watches Sarah pass, she will look calm and he will feel relief, knowing that he did the right thing. In the end, Kim takes her pills with red wine and her husband by her side – just the way she had wanted to die.

In the conclusion to Owen’s flashback, we find out why he wanted Kim to hold on. When he tries to help his friend, Owen finds out he’s worse off than injured arms when blood starts splattering out of his neck. Too gross. As night falls, it’s clear there isn’t much Owen can do for him, but he keeps trying and pleads for his friend not to give up. It gets to the point, though, when they both know there’s no way he’ll survive. So, Owen takes his hand away from his friend’s neck and watches him die. Moments later, a helicopter arrives and it’s clear now why he has been fighting Kim’s decision to kill herself. If he had only been able to hold out a minute longer, his friend may have lived.

Babies on the mind
Torres is still unnerved from the news that Arizona doesn’t want kids, which goes against Torres’s desire to be a mother someday. She doesn’t want to say anything, because they’re relationship is going so well. Mark says she has to tell Arizona how she feels. All day, Mark continues to suggest that she talk to Arizona. When Torres finally gets the nerve to tell her that she wants the baby, she takes her hands from Torres and it looks like they have rough roads ahead.

Chief surgeries
Meredith excitedly tells Derek that she’s working on a woman that came in with abdominal pains and nausea. Meredith correctly diagnosed that the woman has a brain tumor and Dr. Nelson, the default brain surgeon since Derek became chief, is going to let Meredith scrub in and possibly remove part of the tumor. In response, he says, “That’s it?” Ouch. He has become pretty annoying since he took the chief position, right?

While Meredith is looking over the x-rays, one of the other doctors comes in and tells her that Derek has decided to remove the tumor, himself. Oh, boy, someone is in for a fight.

When Meredith finds Derek, she lets him have it. He doesn’t really say why he took the surgery, but his assistant mentions that he said it was beyond Dr. Nelson’s ability. When Meredith asks if she can scrub in, at least, Derek tells her it would look like favoritism. Why is he being such a d-bag?

Meanwhile, Richard is still having a hard time dealing with not being the chief. More specifically, he’s having a hard time socially, since everyone still thinks of him as the chief. Wasn’t it sad when he hinted that he wanted to sit down with the crew for lunch and no one invited him to sit down? Later, Mark told him that no one wants to talk shop in front of the boss. When Richard points out he’s not the boss anymore, Mark tells him that people still look at him that way. Their lunch table slight was a compliment.

Later, Derek tells Richard that he has been missing surgeries since becoming chief and the confidence it brings him. Richard understands and tells him that he should do at least one surgery a day to help give him get the calmness he needs to get through the day’s duties as chief.

Adrenaline junkies
Outside, the hounds are waiting at the ambulance bay, but it seems more about Nicole, the hot driver, than the broken bodies this time. She drops a guy off and tells them that they he and his friend were jumping out of a helicopter with skis on and his buddies are arriving soon.

His friend arrives and they start yelling about getting better so they can run with the bulls next year. Turns out these guys are once-a-year adrenaline junkies. Another friend arrives who isn’t injured, because he never made it on to the helicopter. He seems to be pretty over the whole situation. Later, he tells Torres that he hates every minute of their adventure trips, but he does it for his best friends. Later, when Torres tells the guys that they’ll be alright and all healed up for their next trip (Pamplona!), she just can’t take it anymore. She totally outs their friend for hating the trips. It turns out that they’ve all been faking it for eac
h other and would much rather do something less dangerous – like wine tasting (Napa!)

Later, Teddy shows up at Mark’s and it looks like the getting to know each other period of their dating is over and it’s time for the sexing.

Do you think Owen’s war memories will become too much to handle?

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Correction: Shepherd was changed to Richard. Thanks, Jess!

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