greys anatomy recap back to the beginning 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Back to the beginning

After you celebrate a milestone of 200 episodes, what do you do next? For “Grey’s Anatomy,” you take it back to the beginning. Back to when the Chief was Chief-like, Yang was Yang-like, the on-call room wasn’t actually used for napping while on-call, and Callie was dancing in her underwear. But how did we get everyone back to their beginnings in Thursday (Oct. 17) night’s all-new episode, “I Bet It Stung?” Let’s dive in.

The return of on-call nookie

Jackson decided it was time to take his relationship with Stephanie to the next level: meeting his mom. But when his mom accidentally walks in on the two of them getting it on in the on-call room, the first meeting doesn’t go as planned — the shirt Stephanie worked so hard to pick was pretty much on the floor. Oops! But after a full day of awkward conversations and not-so-subtle hints that Jackson’s mom thinks Stephanie is a gold-digger, she proves herself later at the bar by eloquently standing up for herself.

The return of dancing in your underwear

After helping a patient’s sister who was a donor baby — born to donate organs for her older, sick sister — learn how to say now, Callie finally got to dance in her underwear again. After Arizona cheated on her, she realized that it wasn’t just the infidelity that was upsetting her … she had been unhappy for a long time, and it was time to move on. She kicked Arizona out of her apartment, cranked up the tunes, and danced sans pants. It’s nice to see the return of fun-loving Callie, though watching her play sister-wives with Meredith and Derek was hilarious. 

As for Arizona? Before Callie dropped the bomb on her that she needed to move out for good, she was spending the whole episode worried that she had hooked up with Leah after the gala — she was so wasted she couldn’t remember. But nope, it turns out that they just hung out and bonded. Leah offered Arizona a place to stay, and sparks are starting to fly between these two blonde beauties. 

The return of ruthless, truth-telling Cristina

Cristina and Meredith were planning to perform groundbreaking heart/liver transplant together, something they’ve been planning since they started together as interns. But as Meredith’s mommy obligations kept getting in the way — needing to pump her breast milk, comfort Zola as she got stitches, etc. — Cristina realized that Meredith wasn’t ready for the huge surgery. She hadn’t finished her reading on the technique, she wasn’t there when the patient needed the surgery … according to Cristina, Meredith just wasn’t the surgeon she used to be. So she had Bailey scrub in on the surgery instead.

When Meredith confronted Cristina about the stolen surgery later, Cristina gave it to her straight: Since Meredith chose to be a mother unlike her own, Cristina thinks she’s lost some of her skills that made her as good as Cristina and the other doctors. Though Cristina says it’s okay, that they just chose different paths, Meredith is apoplectic. She and Derek end up fighting later that night because she blames Derek’s absence for making her choose between being a good mother and good surgeon. Looks like there’s trouble ahead for the McDreamys …

The return of Alex’s dad

Since Jo and Alex now know that the junkie patient Jimmy is actually Alex’s father, Jo wants Alex to meet his dad, and tell him that he’s his son. But since the last time Alex saw the guy he was punching the crap out of him, he thinks it’s a bad idea. It’s why he took his mother’s last name, so there would be nothing linking him to the guy.

Jo doesn’t take no for an answer, so she tries to get Jimmy to go to a rehab clinic to get cleaned up (she even got the clinic to waive all the fees), but his past insecurities force him to refuse to go. He doesn’t want to let Jo down like he let his family down. As he’s leaving the hospital, it looks like Alex might reveal their connection while they share an elevator ride, but doesn’t go through with it. 

The return of the Chief

After spending weeks being “coddled” by the interns who failed to see him as an actual patient, Webber finally starts to act like the Chief again. He plans to walk the interns through his recovery to whip them into shape, while he’s being whipped into shape. We’ve had enough with the mopey Webber, so seeing him act like his old self again was refreshing and a good sign of things to come.

The return of a weird case

And of course, the episode featured one truly-wacky case: a patient stuck his … ahem, male appendage into a hornet’s nest because he needs a little pain to go along with his pleasure. His genitals became so swollen that he couldn’t pee, and his bladder then exploded inside his body. Eesh. 

What did you think of the 201st episode of “Grey’s Anatomy?” Were you excited to see Callie getting back to her fun-loving ways? Are you dreading what’s coming next for the arguing McDreamys? Hit the comments below with your thoughts and opinions.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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