greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Every Man for HimselfWith the Boards right around the corner, the residents are all heading off to various hospitals around the country for job interviews. Cristina is by far the most sought after of everyone, to the point where she’s getting cookie and fruit baskets sent to her from her various suitors. Teddy tells her to stay but her effort is pretty half-assed, and she freaks out later when she realizes that her prot�g� might really actually leave. She goes to Owen and tells him that he has to fix things with her to make her stay but Owen finally grows a bit of a spine and tells Teddy that as she made so clear, they are not friends, so she’s not to try to talk to him like one and if she wants Cristina to stay, she has to convince her to do so herself.

April, Jackson and Alex are all having a hard time in their own ways and are also being complete jerks to one another, insulting each other and generally being as selfish and unsupportive as possible. April is too overeager and is scaring off potential new employers. Jackson’s well-known complex about his very famous family is causing him to get into trouble, like when he walks out of an interview because the woman was obviously hoping that through Jackson she might forge a connection to Harper Avery too. Alex is having the worst time, though, because he can’t seem to get any interviews except at tiny hospitals in the middle of nowhere. He finally confronts Arizona when he realizes that she’s being a crappy mentor and not making any effort to get him good interviews. She actually admits that it’s totally true, because she wants him to stay in Seattle, but Alex manages to convince her that it’s better if he stays because he wants to and not because he has to, which would make the chip on his shoulder — and consequently his bad attitude — that much bigger. Okay, fine, so I editorialized that last part a little, but that’s the gist.

Cristina is being a jerk to Mere for pushing her own interview at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and mocks her for possibly wanting to stay in Seattle. Mere has a pretty legitimate reason to postpone, though, when a teenage patient named Holly is brought in and they quickly realize that she’s a girl who was famously kidnapped 12 years earlier at the age of 6 and was held captive and tortured. Mere realizes she is traumatized and is kind to her, so Holly latches on to her immediately and is only really able to talk to Mere and not to the psychologist or her parents. It’s difficult for all of the doctors as they realize, through Holly’s horrific injuries, what she has been through but Bailey seems to take it the hardest and it appears to haunt her every thought. When she thinks Tuck has gone missing from daycare she has a complete meltdown (he turns out to be just fine) and no one seems quite what to make of one of their toughest doctors coming completely unglued. She seems to pull herself together to help Holly out, though, and nothing else is said about her outbursts so I’m not sure if this was just a one-off thing or a sign of something bigger going on that we’ll see later.

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