greys anatomy s7 ellen pompeo 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Everybody HurtsNow that they are back in Seattle with results in hand, the gang parties at Meredith’s house like it’s Season 1 again. Cristina did so well that Mayo offers her the world, so they are now in the running with Columbia and Stanford. Mere is determined to stay in Seattle but Harvard is offering Derek the moon and stars so that he’s equipped to go ahead and cure Alzheimer’s, and between that and his having family on the East Coast he seriously wants to consider going. He’s also mildly miffed because he knows that Mere is trying to tie her decision to Cristina’s. In fact, Mere tries to make Cristina’s decision for her and tells her she is going to Stanford but Cristina isn’t so sure. They have a talk where Cristina finally tells her that she has to make the decision on her own, and informs Mere that Owen is her person now, not Meredith. She goes to Owen and the two actually have sex in an on-call room; for the first time in weeks Owen admits to being happy even though he knows it doesn’t change anything. And boy, is he right… because she then tells him sadly that she’s leaving.

Mark is freaking out after Lexie’s big confession and doesn’t know what to do because Julia wants to give him everything he has ever wanted, but he’s still in love with Lexie, who doesn’t want those things. He runs into her a couple of times and is weirdly polite and sweet, while she’s still mortified, and we don’t see him yet come to any decision.

Bailey and Ben are also having a weird day. It’s a day off for both of them so he makes breakfast and mimosas and has the New York Times crossword puzzle for them to do together in bed. But as he goes to deliver the tray, he finds her dressed and ready to run to the hospital for a surgery. He’s pissed, but winds up going in with her because what else would he do? The case turns out to be unusual and revolting — the patient picked up some kind of parasitic worm in Thailand and Derek has to go in to remove it from the guy’s spine where it is now nesting. The bickering B’s are both in the OR with him and Meredith and when Ben won’t stop bitching about them missing the crossword, Bailey goes and pulls it out of his bag and starts theatrically answering questions. There’s some confusion about one of the clues and finally Ben shouts at her that the answer is, “Will you marry me?” and he knows this because he put the whole crossword together and intended to propose with it. That night at home, Bailey comes home in nothing but lingerie and a trench coat and asks him to propose again. But he’s now sad and confused because he just got an offer from UCLA to be a surgical intern — something he had applied for back when they broke up after the shooting — and so their whole future is now up in the air.

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