greys anatomy s7 ellen pompeo 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Eye Eye EyeOkay, peeps, I had to actually take a break and call a friend to decompress after this episode before I could sit down and write about it. I have no idea how writing the actual recap is going to go, but it’s going to involve lots of Kleenex. We pick up exactly where we left off in November — Henry has died, they can’t tell Teddy because she’s elbow deep in a heart, and Alex and Meredith are staring at what I thought were bodies in the road after a vehicle hits their ambulance. It turns out that actually, all but one of those bodies are actually still alive, though some just barely. It is a family — Mom, Dad, Grandma, and three kids, and everyone is injured except for the oldest daughter. Unfortunately, Grandma dies at the scene. Oh, and the younger daughter has a GIANT PIECE OF GLASS THROUGH HER EYE. Help finally arrives and they get everyone to the hospital.

Once there, Alex is totally manic as he tries to help Arizona treat the baby they had been transporting. She recognizes that he is exhausted and needs to be examined since he was in an accident, and tells him that he did an amazing job in the field and now needs to hand the case over to her. Alex fights it but she puts her foot down. He leaves for a little while but finally can’t take it and goes back; when she finds him he points out that he’s just been through a ton to save this baby and can’t just walk away. She finally agrees to let him back on the case, they do surgery, and baby does great. Afterwards, Alex freaks out that he forgot a step in the surgery but Arizona reminds him that he actually did it, and if he can’t remember it he really, truly, needs to go rest.

As for the family, Mom winds up dying pretty soon after they arrive at the hospital and her eldest daughter, Lily, sees the whole thing happen through a window. Meredith tries to comfort Lily and keep her updated on what’s going on with all of her other family members. Because they need an extra set of hands, Mark calls his girlfriend (the one Lexie hit with a softball) to help him and Derek get the glass out of the Lily’s sister’s eye. She comes in and takes charge, and awesomely manages to do the impossible and save the eye. Lexie assists with the surgery and hates every moment of it but afterwards, when talking with her, is bummed to find out that she’s actually really nice and likable. Bailey, Meredith, and Dr. Ben are working on Lily’s brother, whose legs were crushed. He has some sort of horrible reaction to the anesthesia, I think related to hypothermia, though don’t quote me on that. Ben immediately realizes what is wrong and saves the day, to Bailey’s annoyance. After the surgery, though, the two finally talk, she apologizes for snapping at him, and they sit together and are totally awesomely adorable. Oh, and they did save the little boy. Lily has been sitting with her father while all this is going on, and he keeps coding and needing his heart shocked back to life. She and Meredith have a talk about extraordinary measures and how her father is pretty much slowly dying. Lily reveals that today is her birthday (good grief) and she is now four hours into being 18 years old. This means she is now the head of the family, and she signs a DNR so that they can let him go peacefully.

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