greys anatomy s7 ellen pompeo 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Here Come The BridesCallie and Arizona’s wedding day has finally arrived, and while Callie is in great shape for it, there’s plenty else to go wrong. Arizona’s dad seems rather humorless and is disgusted that Mark is considered part of the family. He’s also planned everything down to the second, which wouldn’t be so bad except that Arizona realizes that she needs to be able to take a few moments to be sad and miss her brother. At least that does give her and Mark a really nice moment together when she briefly breaks down and he comforts her. Callie’s mom keeps acting strange and distant, and when Callie finally confronts her about it, her mom tells her that she thinks the wedding is a joke, and she can’t handle that her granddaughter is a bastard and that her daughter is going to go to hell. It’s especially sad because Callie’s dad has come around to being totally awesome and supportive, but when her mother storms off Callie tells her dad that it’s for the best that he leave with her. She’s heartbroken but still on board to get married until Mark comes in with news that their minister’s wife was in an accident and so he now can’t perform the wedding. Callie calls everything off, so Mark sends Bailey to go talk to her. Because Bailey is, as we all know, the best, she convinces Callie that she should still get married and as an extra-awesome bonus, Bailey manages to get herself ordained and conducts the ceremony herself. Meanwhile, Callie’s dad realizes that he has wanted to dance with his daughter at her wedding ever since she was born, so he turns the car around and drives back to do just that. No word on if mom is hanging out at the airport or is just sulking in the car.

The race for Chief Resident is seriously heating up, and all of the residents are looking pretty impressive. Meredith and Avery are both helping out on their fancy clinical trials, even though Avery is bitter about having to tend to mice as test patients until the FDA approval comes through on Richard’s trial. But when something goes wrong with one of the rodents, he runs a slew of tests and is able to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it to hopefully make the trial that much more successful. April has learned a bit of Swahili to try and help her 10-year-old African patient feel more comfortable, but Stark is still feeling rejected and so is a total ass to her about it. When he finds her making corn porridge for the little girl, April finally stands up for herself and points out that she’s done everything she possibly can medically and so if she can help a terrified kid feel a little bit better by giving her food that is more familiar and like she has at home, she’ll do it. Stark finally swallows his hurt pride and recommends her as an awesome candidate to Owen. The current frontrunner, though, is Alex, for organizing the transport of all of the kids from Africa in the first place.

The person who isn’t doing so well is Cristina, because she and Teddy are still at odds. Cristina goes to Owen to find out what she needs to do and he finally tells her to apologize. Teddy, meanwhile, is trying to come up with good reasons not to take Cristina back, because she’s losing her resolve and could use her on an upcoming surgery. The reason Teddy is still so angry is because she thinks Cristina got lucky with the procedure that saved Callie’s life, and is galled by the fact that Cristina doesn’t see that and just thinks she’s totally brilliant. When Cristina gives her a totally insincere apology, Teddy doesn’t accept it. Later, at the wedding, Cristina finally tells Teddy what she sincerely thinks, which is that she’s sorry Teddy is so threatened by her because she’s such a good surgeon with great instincts like the one that saved Callie. Unsurprisingly, this goes over like a lead balloon.

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