greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Leader of the PackIt’s good to be Chief of Surgery. Because not only are you Chief, but it means that when you admit to messing with a clinical trial, you don’t get fired. But while the Board doesn’t fire Richard, he does decide to step down as Chief of Surgery and just go back to a regular old garden-variety surgeon so that he can spend more time with Adele. He hands the reins over to Owen, who has some big shoes to fill and a lot of skeptical surgeons to lead. None more so than Bailey, who is furious about the situation and refuses to give Owen an easy time as leader. Because people always want what they don’t have, Owen becomes desperate to have her on his side. His chances of this happening, though, so far look about as likely as a snowball’s chance in the Sahara. She still thinks that Richard lied just to save Meredith, but Richard tries to convince her that what Meredith did gave him extra time to be with Adele, so he wanted to step down in order to enjoy that time. She’s still pissed but concedes that maybe one day, far, far in the future, she might be able to get over being angry at him.

Owen and Cristina are having an awkward day themselves because they now have no idea what to say or how to interact with one another. They are both overly chipper and somehow both awkward and yet formal, and Meredith’s theory is that it’s because they haven’t actually talked to one another about the abortion. She thinks that they will have to talk and clear the air in order to get back to normal, but Cristina has no idea how to go about this. She and Owen wind up ordering Chinese food for an awkward dinner at home but then both come down with food poisoning, and while holding each other on the bathroom floor, the ice is broken and they seem to finally fall back into acting like themselves without having to sit down for A Conversation. Note to self: if I ever have a hard subject to bring up, just have some bad spring rolls instead and everything will work itself out.

In addition to it being Owen’s first day as Chief, it’s also the first day that the fifth-year residents will have their own surgeries. April still can’t control them at all and when she tries to assign them all skills labs to teach, the others turn it into a contest where the person who does the worst at their surgery has to teach all of the labs. Callie finds April having a frustrated moment and they talk about it a little bit; Callie tells her she was an awful Chief Resident but can at least advise her that the best thing she can do is get them on her side and then she’ll have a better chance of them listening to her.

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