greys anatomyh s7 patrick dempsey 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Let Hear It For The BoysSince all of the episodes of this show generally revolve around the angst of Meredith and the other ladies, we switched it up this week to get a look at things from the boys’ point of view. Derek is looking for a new resident now that Meredith has taken herself off his service. He has Alex help him with a surgery but when it turns out that Alex is just looking to earn some neuro hours he needs, Derek gets mad and kicks him out of the surgery completely. When he and Mark wind up working on a patient at the same time, Derek sees that Jackson both has some good ideas and is being given no opportunity to actually do any surgery with Mark, so Derek tries to poach him and Avery is suddenly faced with the problem of deciding which world-class surgeon he wants to work with.

After Alex is cut adrift, Richard takes him under his wing a bit. Richard has a lot of extra time on his hands because no one is used to him just being a regular old surgeon and so they don’t want to demean him with routine surgeries. A belligerent drunk is brought in to the OR and when he becomes a threat to April, Alex’s dorky patient decides to stand up to the guy and has the stuffing beaten out of him. Once Alex and Richard get him to the OR Alex tries to bail since these aren’t the type hours he needs, but Richard orders him to stay and to remember the joy in just doing surgery, period.

In honor of this being the Good-Lookin’ Dude Hour, Dr. Ben Warren, Hot Anesthesiologist is back. He’s working with Derek, who accidently spills that Bailey has moved on to Hot Nurse Eli. (In case there is any confusion, I am the captain of Team Ben.) He nearly gets into a fight with Eli over a patient and that’s before he knows that Eli has taken over romancing his former ladyfriend, so I think when the inevitable showdown arrives, it will be a doozy.

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