greys anatomyh s7 patrick dempsey 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Lion AboutWe finally get some levity this week — well, as much levity as you can get when you’re working with one doctor trying to come to grips with her widowhood, two doctors whose marriage is in crisis, and an intern with a desperately ill preemie and an ill-advised crush on her resident.

As Mere and Derek drive to work one morning, they look out their window to see a lion nonchalantly crossing the street in front of them. They get to the hospital just ahead of two patients who have been mauled by said lion and come to find out that one of those patients was actually the lion’s owner, keeping him as a housecat. Just in case anyone was curious, keeping a lion as a pet is in fact a Very Bad Idea. Jonathan from Buffy is one of the maulees; he had gone to the woman’s house to pick her up for a date and wound up having his appendages ripped to shreds. Richard and Avery sort of fight over who gets to have the fun of treating him and wind up working together and bonding, weirdly, over the awesomeness of finding one of the lion’s teeth in his body during surgery and the fact that idiot patients provide awesome(ly creepy) medial souvenirs.

Cristina is still not speaking to Owen, a week after his Great Affair Reveal. He now finally wants to talk, which she had been begging him to do for weeks, but she’s no longer interested. She spends the day trying to build hearts from scratch — which is obviously super painful because it’s a cringingly literal metaphor for what she wants to do in her personal life. Meredith is working with Owen that day and in his desperation, he begs Meredith to put in a good word and tell Cristina how sorry he is. She wants to not talk about it but he keeps trying and finally, in front of Bailey as they all work on the lion owner, he blurts that it was just sex. It’s extra awkward because until that moment, Mere didn’t actually know about the affair.

When he tries to talk to her after surgery she repeats for the umpteenth time that she doesn’t want to talk about it and informs him that Cristina not telling her about it means that Cristina doesn’t want Mere to hate him, which then means that she must eventually be planning to forgive him. This finally puts a stop to Owen’s begging Mere to be a go-between but he’s another embarrassing situation because now Bailey knows about his big mistake as well. He talks to her later and offers to steer clear of her since he knows that Cristina is special to her, but Bailey tells him that while he did something terrible, it doesn’t make him a terrible person. He seems to find a little bit of comfort in all of this and when he gets home, sits down at the table across from his wife to eat some dinner. After a moment, however, she jumps up and throws her bowl of cereal in his face, thereby assuring him that she’s not actually anywhere close to forgiving him.

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