greys anatomy karev chief resident abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Mass HysteriaIf you wanted to see an hour of five people on the verge of a nervous breakdown, then you came to the right place. We see how all of our residents performed during the exams, and it’s not pretty. Catherine and Richard aren’t the only examiners who like to mess with the residents, and all of the members of the Seattle Grace contingent kind of lose it in some way or another. Cristina is super confident, but when her examiner starts to act like he doesn’t agree with her methods, he spars with her until she loses her cool and basically says she’s a genius and he’s a dinosaur and she can do any procedure any number of ways if he’d just tell her what he’d like to hear. This doesn’t go over very well, and he ends her test early. Alex, on the other hand, does manage to make it to the hotel just as his examiners are giving up on him. They explain that he’s missed the first session which means he has to pass the other two. (The test is given in three sessions and a resident can fail one and still pass overall.) He gets tripped up by some questions and ultimately finishes up frustrated and sure that he blew it.

Mere manages to make it through the two of her three sessions without vomiting, but her examiners think she’s got a weak stomach when it comes to gross medical procedures. She calls Derek and fesses up to having the flu and asks him if she should quit and go home or keep going. Derek was schooled by Bailey earlier to not give concrete advice (more on that in a second) and to use metaphors instead, so that’s just what he does. Mere winds up staying and during her third session, she gives up trying to hold it in and just pukes in a wastebasket mid-question. The examiners want to call off her exam but she’s doing better now that she’s emptied her stomach and insists they continue with just one or two more barfy interludes. In just letting it all hang out, she seems to get her confidence back, too.

Jackson can’t handle that his mother is administering an exam in the room right next to his and that he can hear her through the wall (and that each time he thinks of her, he remembers Richard answering the door in his bathrobe and all that implied). He loses it a little in front of his examiners, who take it to mean that he’s easily distracted. April is having an even worse time taking her test. In addition to sweating through her jacket and shirt, she melts down when she wants to go back and add something to an answer she already gave; you aren’t allowed to do that, but she can’t control her mouth and keeps pleading with the examiners to understand what other things she might do in the scenario she was given.

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