greys anatomy karev chief resident abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Now BoardingIt’s finally time for the Boards, and after a couple of brief delays, the residents all head to San Francisco to take the most terrifying exam of their lives. The two that hold things up a bit are Alex and Mere — Alex, because he’s suddenly worried about baby Tommy again and is trying to help with his care on the sly, and Mere, because Zola has come down with the stomach flu. But Arizona, Derek and Callie finally get them out the door, and off they go. When they arrive at the hotel April accidentally sticks her foot in it with a total stranger, because she was offered the job he was hoping to get. But she’s not the most distressed; that title goes to Meredith, who comes down with Zola’s stomach flu and barfs right in the lobby. Alex isn’t really paying attention to either of them because he’s still completely distracted with how Tommy is doing and keeps calling Arizona to give her treatment suggestions. When he hears that she’s about to do yet another bowel surgery, he declares that he has to go to Seattle, and he actually does leave and fly back even though we haven’t seen evidence of his even thinking about Morgan and Tommy since he blew up at her three episodes ago. Whatever.

Back at the hospital, Teddy and Owen have to work together to treat a kid who was in a car accident, and they can’t agree on a course of action since he needs a whole lot of things fixed and each of them thinks that their portion of the surgery needs to be done first. Callie bails until it’s time for her to step in, leaving Bailey as witness to the horror that is Teddy and Owen (not really) trying to work together. Afterward, Bailey return to fine form as she lectures Teddy that she’s being an ass still blaming Owen for Henry’s death, and that she’s also not actually trying to work with him at all in a professional manner. Teddy seems to start to see that this is true and offers a small olive branch by updating Owen when she hears from Cristina that she’s about to go in for her exam and she feels ready.

Mark asks Lexie to help out on a surgery because Jackson isn’t there and this gets them talking throughout the day. Mark at one point asks her what it was that broke her and Jackson up but they are interrupted so she doesn’t have a chance to answer. When they resume their conversation he decides it’s none of his business but tells her that if she still has feeling for Jackson she should tell him, since they were great together. He then tells Lexie that he’s missed talking to her. She keeps almost saying something to him about her feelings for him but it never works out and after pulling an all-nighter, she gets home and winds up crying on Derek’s shoulder that she is completely miserable and has no idea why she can’t actually get the words out to tell Mark how she feels.

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