greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Separation AnxietyNow that Zola is back, the Grey-Shepherds are quite the happy family and Mere in on Cloud Nine watching her learn to walk, and bringing her in to the gallery to see daddy operate. Bailey is also happy with Ben, but Ben wants to move their relationship forward to the point of cohabitation. Bailey isn’t ready for this, so she grabs Meredith to help on a surgery — and by “help” she means to have her ask a lot of questions and keep the subject on anything but Bailey possibly moving in with Ben. Of course this only works for a little while because Ben sees Meredith’s happiness as the perfect example of what he wants for them, and finally after possibly losing a sponge in a patient (don’t worry, it’s found) she admits that she’s scared that if she moves forward something horrible will happen again. Ben manages to convince her how much he loves her and Tuck and she finally agrees to leave a toothbrush at his place and go from there.

Teddy, April and Cristina are together for a couple of surgeries but it’s only Teddy and April who are working — In the two weeks since Henry’s death, Teddy has taken to having Cristina stand at attention and recite every single step of his surgery from the start until time of death. It’s all rather morbid and terrible, and April is absolutely horrified to be a witness to it all. Cristina seems to be the only one willing to go along with it, probably because she has had her own experience trying to crawl out of a black hole of despair. After hearing the story one too many times, and listening to Teddy grill Cristina on every move she made, April finally snaps and yells at Teddy that Henry is gone and she can’t do this anymore but Teddy basically tells her to shut up and leave if she can’t handle it. She stays, and so she sees when Teddy finally has a breakthrough and seems to accept what happened; Cristina apologizes but Teddy breaks down and tells her in no uncertain terms that it’s not her fault at all, and that she was brilliant and did everything Teddy would have done, and that Henry just died.

The big Surgery O’The Week is the separation of conjoined twin girls, and this takes the skills of most of the doctors in the hospital. Arizona is in charge of the whole thing and winds up so high-strung that she drives everyone up the wall bossing them around and freaking out about every little detail. She manages to get under Alex’s skin something fierce, which Richard notices and then uses to his advantage to take over Alex’s role in the surgery. Twice. Alex is pissed that Richard took advantage instead of teaching him but Richard points out that he just taught him never to give up a chance to take part in a once-in-a-lifetime surgery. Lexie is the main contact for the very, very young parents of the girls and has her hands full keeping them updated as the hours tick by and various complications crop up. In one way, thought, it’s a good thing because it keeps her out of the OR where one of the main subjects of conversation seems to be the utter awesomeness of Mark’s girlfriend. Finally, despite the complications and Arizona’s freakouts, the surgery is a success and we can revel in having more characters finish up the episode happy rather than unhappy, which is a refreshing change of pace.

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