greys anatomy karev chief resident abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Strike OutHunt has decided that in order to make Seattle Grace a better place to work, he’s going to take all of the most valuable surgeons in the city out of the OR and put them on a baseball field so they can risk being injured in a battle with a rival hospital instead of working on the ground-breaking surgeries and trials that will actual assist the hospital’s ranking. He’s so desperate to beat the other team that he even hires ringer Henry as his administrative assistant for a day in order to win. Meredith and Cristina take the opportunity to get drunk in the outfield, which is genius, but not so genius is the way Mere decides to attack Bailey for not letting her on her trial. The two fight on the outfield, even though Meredith totally found the problem with the trial. Chief (Richard, not Hunt) sets them straight. Chief (Hunt, not Richard) gives everyone a pep talk when he realizes that the game is a hopeless case but they are actually good at their jobs. And then Lexie gets so jealous of the sexy ophthalmologist from the opposing team who is making out with Mark that she beams her in the boob with a fastball.

At the actual hospital, Shepherd wants to do a risky surgery and makes a mother feel guilty for not wanting to put her child at risk just so he doesn’t have to be bored and think about his daughter. To prove that he can do it (after Hunt yells at him for turning away patients who came all the way to Seattle to be treated by the great and powerful Derek), he plays a computerized version of Operation… and he’s terrible at it. But after getting batting advice from Lexie, he realizes what he’s doing wrong (yes, it was a very softball-heavy episode).

Alex doesn’t want to sign off on a hospital transfer for Zola and gets all uppity about that. So much so that he goes down to family services to get some answers. He even tracks the judge down to a hospital where he’s getting a chemo treatment. You’d think this would screw everything up, but it doesn’t. He gets Mere and Der a hearing with the judge, and doesn’t even take credit for it.

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