greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: The Best of IntentionsCatherine Avery is back this week so that she can do a surgery with Bailey and Richard and then attend a fancy benefit dinner, while also doing a little bit of motherly meddling in Jackson’s life. She brings along her “star urology fellow,” Mara, who happens to be young and stunning, and then orders Jackson to take Mara on a tour of the hospital. For some reason it takes him a while to realize that this is a setup, and he tries to tell Mara that he’s not interested. She’s completely offended that he thought she was, but admits that she is there because Catherine told her to spy on him and find out as much as she could about what is going on in his life. They wind up bonding over lunch and he gives her some tips on how to best handle his mom as a boss. They both get all dressed up to go to the benefit but since Catherine has scored herself a date in Richard (well, for a moment at least) they declare that they are not going. Instead, Mara decides that Jackson’s not so bad after all, and they have a hot night in the on-call room. Mark will be thrilled.

Bailey notices that Catherine seems to have her sights set on Richard as she flirts up a storm with him throughout the day. She invites him to be her date to the benefit and he accepts, even going so far to put on his tux. But once he sees her he tells her that he can’t go after all. She assures him that she just enjoys flirting and that Adele has nothing to worry about, but Richard explains about Adele’s Alzheimer’s and how, with his wife not even knowing who he is, he actually really enjoyed the flirting and felt like a man for the first time in forever. He doesn’t trust himself to go out with her, so he politely declines, and she seems to understand even if she is now left attending the thing all alone when five minutes earlier she was part of a party of four. My guess is that when you are an Avery, you have no shortage of people to talk to at one of these things.

Alex and Morgan are spending basically all of their time together between his being Tommy’s doctor and Morgan still helping him study for his Boards. As we all saw coming from the beginning, she’s developed an obvious crush, and he seems to be enjoying her company while getting a little bit emotionally invested in Tommy’s recovery. Callie notices what’s going on and warns Alex to be very careful, but he scoffs at the very idea that Morgan is interested. However, once the seed is planted, he starts to see that Callie is right. It’s unclear if he’s going to heed everyone’s warnings to shut it down, though.

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