greys anatomy s7 ellen pompeo 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: The Heart Knows BestSo fifth year really is starting to get competitive — Alex has to hand over some of his surgeries to Arizona, who is courting some super crazy impressive resident who is in the running for her fellowship. Alex spends the day being a depressed jerk but that night when he is at the bar the girl comes in to get a drink and he overhears her on the phone complaining that Arizona could only talk about Alex and how awesome he is.

Meredith and Bailey are pulled off of mouse duty for a day when a VIP patient comes to the hospital, and that patient turns out to be none other than Mrs. O’Malley. She had a surgery done at Seattle Presbyterian but they botched it and so she sucked it up and came to Seattle Grace to have them fix it. She’s obviously a little bit scared and is very emotional, especially when she sees Callie for the first time in years. Callie decides not to drop the bomb about her sexuality and new wife but Mrs. O saw her wedding ring and peppers Mere with questions. Meredith tells Callie that she thinks that whether Callie tells her the truth or not, she thinks Callie should be there for her after her surgery since Mrs. O loved her so much. They’re doing surgery because Mere figured out what was wrong with her, but in the process pissed Bailey off because she ran extra tests that weren’t what Bailey had ordered. Mere finally confronts her as they get ready to scrub in and reminds her that she may have screwed things up and not have a lot of control over certain things, but she is a good surgeon. Bailey finally swallows her pride and lets Mere do the surgery, and while they are working says it’s hard for a parent or similar person to see a child they raised do something stupid and screw up their lives, even if they did that something for a good reason. Having said that, she offers an olive branch in the form of advising Meredith on what she should wear in her court hearing so that she looks like a warm and loving mother.

When Mrs. O wakes up from surgery Callie is there and just blurts out everything about her life now. When she sees her former mother-in-law crying she thinks she disappointed her but it turns out that she is crying with happiness to hear that Callie had a baby and they re-bond while looking at cute pictures on her phone.

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