greys anatomyh s7 sandra oh 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: The Painful TruthNow that Teddy is starting to come to grips with her widowhood, she needs to get out of the house with the girls for a fun night, as suggested by Callie, and she wants to go to a fancy restaurant. Callie forgot to mention this to Arizona, but she agrees to go along and has Callie invite Bailey too, so Teddy doesn’t feel weird just going out with a couple. Bailey grudgingly agrees until Ben points out that he has a sexy evening in store for them since it’s the first evening they’ve had alone in weeks, and then she cancels with a very lame excuse. Callie sees right through her and just about talks Arizona into bailing for the same reason, and on top of that Mark can’t babysit so they can’t leave the house anyway. Just as Arizona is about to cancel, Teddy talks about how excited she is and gets worried that maybe they don’t want to go, so Teddy runs over and tells the other ladies that they are being horrible friends and they have to do what they originally promised. They wind up doing an evening of wine and movies at the Torres/Robbins apartment and also restore their standing as good people and friends.

The residents are all panicking about the Boards and decide they need to study some real cases and not just hypotheticals off of flash cards. Alex tries to sneak a bunch of charts from the library but he’s caught, and told that the files don’t leave the room. He gets the brilliant idea to have the Lexipedia read everything and then quiz him and when the others catch wind of this, they bombard her with files too. Everyone, that is, except for Mere who is totally and awesomely prepared because Callie’s method really is that good. Lexie basically turns into a pile of mush from info overload so Mere forces everyone to leave her alone, but then calls all of them over to her house to start her own tutoring method; they will all sleep and eat and spend every moment they aren’t at the hospital at Mere’s house studying as a group.

Cristina and Owen are both out with the “flu” (more on that later) and so Mark is Chief for the day, since Owen asked for him by name to fill in. He takes it crazy seriously and gets very annoying, very fast. Derek and Ben have a very complicated surgery to do that they both think is too dangerous, but Mark just orders Derek to come up with a solution. Derek manages at the last minute to have a genius idea involving the use of a bean bag chair, Mark beams at how he brought out the best in his friend, and the surgery is successful.

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