greys anatomy 100710 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Under PressureThe Chief has finally come to terms with the idea that Adele probably has Alzheimer’s, and so his way of dealing with it is to pressure Derek to accept her into the study. When a patient unexpectedly drops out, a spot opens up, but when Mere runs the test to see if Adele is eligible, Adele doesn’t score low enough to qualify. When Richard finds out that she only failed (passed?) by a single point, he hits the roof, but Mere makes Derek hold firm since the whole study could be ruined if they make one exception to the standard protocol. Adele is thrilled to be rejected since she wants to believe she doesn’t have Alzheimer’s but when Meredith tells her about the things she got wrong on her test and Adele finally has to admit she’s sick; the reason she was in denial is that she and Richard finally found happiness and now this is threatening to tear them apart once again.

As part of his effort to get Derek to bend the rules for Adele, the Chief decides to try out his experimental diabetes procedure on a patient, even though it hasn’t yet actually been approved. Granted, the woman needs it, since nothing else has worked, but in order for the Chief to do the surgery he needs a waiver from the FDA to try it out before the approval. The patient turns out to be in such bad shape that they can’t wait to see if they are given the waiver, so Richard performs the surgery anyway. Fortunately for him, he’s granted the waiver after the fact. Also fortunately for him, it goes perfectly and the results are what he had been hoping for. Bailey is thrilled, too, having helped on the case despite Eli sort of undermining her in front of the patient. The two get into a bit of an argument over it, but after work, outside the hospital, Eli turns Neanderthal as he tells Bailey to come home with him so that he can do all sorts of things to make her forget the day. While I thought she was going to let him have it she seems to actually like his caveman act and ultimately decides to go home with him.

On the opposite end of the Neanderthal spectrum we have Henry. He passes out while jogging and is brought into the hospital, where they discover he has a tumor that needs to come out ASAP. Richard is skeptical about Teddy doing the procedure, but she insists their relationship is nothing more than a business arrangement and she’s fine. Once Henry is hopped up on morphine, however, he very sweetly spills his true feelings, which are that he thinks the two of them could be great together. Richard pulls her from the surgery and Cristina gets it instead, but Teddy is allowed to be in the OR to supervise. When things go wrong, Teddy starts to freak out, and it’s pretty obvious this is more than a business arrangement for her, too; Cristina has to yell at her to shut up so she can work, and then of course winds up doing an awesome job removing the tumor. Teddy and Henry have a talk afterward, and she tells him that she’s thought about their being together but insists she doesn’t feel any spark and so they can’t. That doesn’t seem to be entirely true, given her actions, but maybe she’s trying to get herself to believe it. Cristina is so impressed with herself that she orders pizza for dinner for her and Owen — no cereal tonight! — but her good mood is dashed when Owen tells her that Richard handed him the task of picking the next Chief Resident, and she realizes this means she probably won’t get it since if she did everyone would think Owen was just favoring his wife.

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