greys anatomy music event sara ramirez abc 320 'Grey's Anatomy' recap: When the music stopsNo singing, just voiceovers. We pick up “Grey’s Anatomy” with a teeny Sofia in the NICU, and Callie is in her room trying to open her clenched fingers. Callie’s all pissed that she can’t see her baby, and Cristina is the least supportive godmother anyway and just says the kid is ugly. But stupid April walks in all gaga and baby talk and sends Callie into some of the ugliest crying ever, and the residents cave and wheel her to see Sofia.

One of the patients in Meredith’s trial lied about some pre-existing condition, and when the queen of post-its finds a post it from Adele in Richard’s pocket that says “This is Richard. Richard is your husband,” she begs to get Adele into the now-vacant spot. I’m thinking Adele should really have tattooed important info like that on herself, Memento-style, because post-its are easily lost. There’s also a race for chief resident, and Alex decides to help Arizona bring sick babies from Africa here to give them surgeries. Remember, when Arizona abandoned these needy children? Yeah, neither do I. Alex is also dealing with a barely recognizable Doris Roberts, who is a bitchy patient with some long-term disease.

When baby Sofia is five weeks old, Callie is pissed because she still can’t pick her up, so she fires yet another physical therapist. Stark is still all pissy at everyone, basically, because April won’t have sex with him, so he basically lashes out at everyone, including Karev, who he deems incompetent. But then when Callie and Sofia need simultaneous surgeries, the heartless man lets Arizona in to watch, and doesn’t even freak too much when she’s on the phone narrating the events to Mark, who is doing the same about Callie’s surgery. Can that be sanitary? Alex, meanwhile, bullies his bitchy patient into donating money, but just as she agrees, she croaks. Teddy (who is still on this show!) is visiting Henry, but only after her real dates flop. So he’s basically sloppy seconds, but dining well on her leftovers.

Almost two months later, baby Sofia is now 12 weeks old and Callie’s picking her up and Bailey’s ready to kick them out of the hospital for overstaying their welcome. Callie can’t really cope with the outside world, but Bailey smacks her upside the head and tells her that’s the deal with being a mom. Meredith sneaks into the pharmacy and switches the paperwork so that Adele can definitely get the meds (guilt over Ellis sleeping with Richard or some shit) and nearly gets caught, but doesn’t, but you know she’s gonna feel hella guilty when the other patient dies.

Alex almost screws up the African exchange program he’s got going on, but he gets a last-minute reprieve from dead b***h lady. And though Arizona was all excited about it and basically tracking the movements of the African patients, she leaves the hospital with Callie, Sofia and Mark without even stopping to say hi and check on them. Also, Teddy (who really is still on this show, they totally swear) breaks poor Henry/Noel’s heart by having a date that goes well. This is almost unacceptable… except that it is Hot Trauma Therapist, so we’ll give her a pass on this one.

And in 12 weeks, no one else in the hospital has any sort of life-changing events or dating happenings. Not buying that, at all.

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