greys season 10 premiere 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10 premiere: Who died? Who lived? Who broke up? Who made up?

It was only appropriate that the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 10 voiceover was former-Chief Webber, as his life was in limbo for the entire two hours.

SPOILERS AHEAD if you have yet to watch the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 10 premiere …

So who died, who lived, who broke up, and who made up?

Who died?

The two-hour premiere focused a lot on the interns as they struggled with the death of their fellow intern, Heather Brooks. After she went to find Webber, she stepped into the same puddle that electrocuted him, and down she went. Another intern found them both, and they immediately went into surgery. Unfortunately, Derek couldn’t stop her brain from swelling, and she died. 

However, her death wasn’t the saddest part about the episode. The saddest part was how her fellow interns — her supposed friends — couldn’t think of a single nice thing to say about her. Not a single happy memory. After all the time they spent together working in the hospital, studying alongside each other in the same program, all they could do was complain about her or think of mean things to say … even after she was dead. What kind of people are these interns? Sure, they’re supposed to be competitive, but they are terrible people. Our veteran “Grey’s Anatomy” doctors are driven and competitive, but they care about each other. These interns had to steal a story about George (RIP) to tell Heather’s mother to cheer her up. 

This episode put the interns front and center, and they officially became the most hated people on the show.

Who lived?

After fighting for his life for the entire two hours, Webber opened his eyes at the very end. He suffered heart failure, and Cristina performed a complicated surgery to fix his heart. However, something was dying in his abdomen, and Bailey needed to explore to find the dying tissue. Since his heart was still so fragile, Cristina didn’t want him to go under for more surgery so soon. The arguing doctors had to consult his files to see what he would have wanted and found out he named Meredith as his power of attorney in his health care directive. His life was literally in her hands.

Meredith, having just given birth, was feeling hormonal and emotional, and wasn’t sure why Webber picked her. But that became apparent when she trusted the facts and her own choice to let Bailey do the exploratory surgery, and Bailey found the problem. Webber woke up, and Meredith realized why she was his family.

Who broke up?

Though Cristina broke up with Owen in the Season 9 finale, these two didn’t really go the route of a clean break. They kept having break-up sex to give each other the best “last time” they could. However, after the upteenth time hooking up in the on call room, Cristina realized this was only making their break-up harder, and they decided they couldn’t be friends. They are just professionals in the same hospital from here on out.

Another couple who didn’t make it through the storm? Callie and Arizona. Callie outed Arizona’s infidelity to the whole hospital, and moved out of their home. She took their daughter Sophia to Meredith’s house, and it doesn’t look like she is interested in working on their issues. 

Who made up?

After watching the way April freaked out over Jackson when they all thought he died in the bus explosion, her fiance Matt correctly deduced that Jackson was the one that April slept with. He gave her an out of their engagement, but after Jackson gave her some tough love she realized she wanted to be with Matt. She accepted his proposal again before re-proposing to him, which he accepted.

Karev and Jo are blissfully happy, though they haven’t found the time to consummate their fledgling relationship yet. 

So what did you think of the monstrous, two-hour “Grey’s Anatomy” premiere? Do you hate the interns as much as we do? Are you as relieved as we are that Webber opened his eyes? Do you think two hours of an emotional roller coaster should be legal? We don’t. Too many emotions. Shonda Rhimes, are you trying to kill us?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum