greys-anatomy-season-finale-patrick-dempsey-eric-dane.jpgWe still haven’t quite recovered from all the relentless tragedy of the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 8 finale, so you’ll forgive us our trepidation going into Season 9. This new promotional trailer released by ABC does little to calm our fears as we hear a voiceover warning, “If you think you’re prepared for what’s about to happen, you’re not.”

Otherwise, there isn’t anything new in the trailer — except for an ominous point-of-view shot from a hospital operating table.

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Of course, we already know that Mark Sloane won’t be with us at Seattle Grace much longer, making the voiceover even more anxiety-inducing. We do know for sure that he makes it out of the woods, since costar Patrick Dempsey shared pics of Dane snoozing in a hospital bed from this year’s series premiere. The question is, how will he go? Will Sloane die from his plane crash injuries? Will his heartbreak over Lexie’s untimely death get the better of him? Will he simply leave Seattle, abandoning his daughter Sophia?

Weigh in below in the comments section after you check out the trailer. “Grey’s Anatomy” returns Thursday, Sept. 27 on ABC.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie