Anyone watch the season finale of Gray’s Anatomy” last night?

Of course, you did. And talk about a cliff hanger or two!

Michael Ausiello from EW talked to GA creator Shonda Rhimes this morning about the ending, who's staying and who's going, and the next season.

She hedges on who will live and who will die, naturally. But it's not that simple. “Yes. And I don't know that you should be saying "which one of them lives and which one of them dies." I know what happens to the characters."

But she won’ talk about TR Knight asking to leave the show. All she says is that he's an incredibly talented actor. "That moment where he grabs Meredith's hand is one of the most affecting moments of the episode, and it was without words."

On Katherine Heigel putting her name up for an Emmy in 2008?

"You know, I don't know. I think she did beautiful work. I think she always does beautiful work."

And about that Meredith and Derek wedding: "Their wedding was a Post-it note… And the Post-it wedding will have big reverberations next season."

What do you think should happen next season?  Who sucks and who rules?

Click here to read more from Ausiello about Ellen Pompeo's maternity leave, and Jessica Capshaw's character and all that interminable "ghost sex."

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