greys anatomy-demi-lovato-justin-chambers.jpgIn the gospel according to “Grey’s Anatomy,” one of the biggest sins is to let love — or in some cases, the correct diagnosis — pass you by. This is one of those times.

And we’ve got a couple of really good guest stars this week to help us learn that lesson.

True Love?: A couple of elderly patients, Henry (Alan Mandell) and Betty (Marion Ross, whose Betty White-style renaissance I hope is in the works) are in the emergency separately, but it turns out that they’re each other’s first loves and haven’t seen one another in 50 years. They fell in love just before he married her best friend, and she took off rather than be the maid of honor. They went on with their lives, but their spouses have passed away and the spark certainly seems to be there. The docs even put them in the same room so they can catch up. But before they each go into their respective surgeries, Henry asks Betty to move in with him. She says no — she went on, made a life, and got over him. At this point I totally thought I knew where this was going, and the address was on tragic road.

But it doesn’t turn out that way. They both make it through surgery, and Henry will need a pacemaker. And in the end, Betty agrees to make the leap and shack up, as she puts it. She went off and did the right thing once, she says, and now she wants to do the wrong thing and see how it goes. He says he’s going to propose. It’s genuinely lovely, and as cases always do, it gets all of the doctors thinking about the idea that you can’t let true love pass you by. Callie starts getting nostalgic for Arizona. Cristina starts considering her relationship with Owen.

Cristina and Owen and Teddy: And speaking of, Cristina’s climbing the walls because Meredith tells her that she thinks there’s something between Owen and Teddy. She drops this one after Owen asks Cristina to move in with him at some boring party that Derek and Meredith are throwing. Meredith walks a very fine line, saying only enough to alert Cristina to something being amiss without betraying Derek’s confidence.

After having a big learning moment with another patient — a burn victim who had to lose three fingers to an infection and needed a hair restoration (Amber, the patient, became best friends with a fellow patient on the burn ward after they both survived a terrible car crash) and who got really tired of trying to be brave all the time — Meredith decides to confront Owen. Cristina loves you, she says, and I want to but right now I want to punch you in the face. You have to tell Cristina you tried to have Teddy fired, and if you don’t, you and I will both know you’re not a good guy.

So he tells Cristina, who forces him to acknowledge that his feelings for Teddy are complicated because they’re all wrapped up in what happened to them in Iraq. But he’s clear on the fact that he’s in love with Cristina, he says. A telltale pager beep below them in the stairwell lets them know that Teddy’s heard the conversation. In the end, Cristina decides not to move in with Owen, but she’s cheered up when Meredith shows her the blueprint for her and Derek’s house, where Cristina will have her own room.  Nice.

Meredith and Derek:
Aside from the boring party and Meredith yelling at Derek that she hates his job because it’s hamstrung her in the Cristina-Owen situation, these two are like the weather in Los Angeles: 70s and sunny. I really love having them be the stable ones these days, though you can feel the drama revving up under the surface.

A big misdiagnosis: Alex gets called in to work on the complicated case of Hayley (teen star Demi Lovato, who offers up a good performance), a 16-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic girl who tried to claw her own eyes out. She’s upset, she repeats “I’m not crazy” over and over, and she threatens to stab herself in the heart with a giant syringe of lorazepam. Add that to the fact that her father’s father was schizophrenic and killed himself, and it seems pretty clear cut. But Alex isn’t so sure, and between his mother and Ava/Rebecca he’s seen plenty of crazy. He convinces Derek and Arizona to let him investigate whether there’s a physical problem.

Turns out there is — further tests reveal a tiny hole in her eardrum that caused Hayley to hear everything around her and everything going on inside her body — no wonder she couldn’t eat or sleep. Alex is becoming twice the doctor anyone would’ve expected, and Derek and Arizona are clearly impressed.

Bailey and Ben: Glory be, we’ve got Dr. Bailey back tonight, and thank goodness.  And she’s happy because things are getting appropriately hot and heavy with Ben (Jason George). I’m not going to lie — I did not look away when he started taking off his clothes. But Bailey being Bailey lays down very clear guidelines where her personal business is concerned — as in, she’s not going to have it all over the hospital, so they need to keep their relationship on the DL, or the QT, or whatever. Except that the next day when Derek and Mark encounter both her and Ben — separately — humming the same tune to themselves and immediately know it’s on.

Then Bailey sees Ben flirting with one of the nurses, gets disgusted and promptly takes it out on Mark Sloan, mystified as to why men have to go out and collect women because one isn’t enough. Mark’s also recently been caught in the sack with Reed (more on that below) and suggesting a threesome with Teddy, so obviously when you need a hormone’s advice, ask a hormone. He explains that he and Teddy weren’t exclusive, and she should figure out whether she and Ben are.

First in surgery and then at the end of the day, Bailey tries to freeze Ben out, but he explains. The nurse is mean and he flirts with her because it makes his life easier, he says, but it’s not good flirting. He saves his A-game flirting for Bailey, because he means it. He understands that she has a kid and she’s going through an awful divorce. And he’s all in. They end up holding hands in the elevator, which is super cute, and it’s awesome to see Bailey both happy and herself in a relationship.

Lexie and Alex and Mark (and Reed): At Meredith and Derek’s party, Reed makes a beeline for Mark, and thankfully after the scene where Teddy catches her in Mark’s bed (my goodness, they do enjoy showing Eric Dane in a towel on this show), we don’t really have to see any more of her, save for a moment when Lexie makes a snarky comment about her liking older men. After she walks in on Mark and Reed, Teddy plays it cool but in the end breaks up with Mark. And Callie calls Mark’s bluff and encourages him to tell Lexie that he’s still in love with her.

For her part, Lexie seems to have herself convinced that she’s over Mark, but the Reed thing sure bugs her. She initiates the “what are we?” conversation with Alex, who totally steps up and says yep, they’re a couple. They’re settling into a comfortable couply groove when Mark makes his way to Lexie and tells her he loves her and wants her back. I have a boyfriend, she says. But you could have a husband, he tells her. It’s definitely on, and I have to think that even Alex will understand that.

Callie and Arizona: Callie’s struggling with her decision to end her relationship with Arizona. She knows it was the right thing, given their different feelings about having kids, but she thinks Arizona could be the love of her life, and it’s clear she doesn’t want to let that lov
e pass her by. Arizona seems a little swept up too, and she and Callie share a kiss — but then she walks away. To be continued.

Speaking of continued, did you get a load of the promo for next week’s season finale? I for one love the suspense-filled two-hour finale, complete with shooting.

What did you think? Do you think Mark and Lexie will get back together? And Teddy and Owen? Do you think Bailey and Ben are in it for the long haul? And was everyone right — is it worth it to take a flying leap at love, in case you never get another chance?

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Posted by:Lisa Todorovich