Technically, this episode of Grey’s Anatomy was the end of the “crossover arc,” but it was just pretty much Addison working on Derek’s case and a lot of conversation about who was a god and when. Plus there’s another freaky guest star.

Spoilers ahead, but I’m going in laparoscopically…

Fighting to save her: The centerpiece of the episode is Jen (Jennifer Westfeldt), the lovely pregnant patient who accidentally ran over her husband, Rob (Ben Shenkman) and turned out to have an aneurysm. Derek operated on her to repair it, nicked it, caused complications, she began having strokes and the baby got really sick. This week everything’s getting fixed with a bypass, and a freaked-out Derek doesn’t leave her side for days on end. Addison’s there to watch the baby — and Meredith and Karev do kind of a funny “my guy/your guy” banter. But as Jen’s being wheeled away, Rob tells Addison to make no mistake: if it comes down to a choice between his wife and his baby, save Jen.

There are complications this time too, which ends up pitching Addison, who wants to deliver the baby, and Derek, who wants to save them both, against each other. Addison totally hits the nail on the head when she turns to Meredith to try to figure out what’s up with Derek. Jen makes it through surgery with preeclampsia, which Derek insanely wants to hide from Jen and Rob. She suffers another brain bleed and heads back into surgery, and Derek wants to take out the temporal lobe to try to get the swelling to go down. Holy moly. Addison wants to deliver the baby, but Derek argues she’ll bleed out, and now he wants to take out her frontal lobe. You don’t need to be a doctor to hear that and know it’s a lost cause. Derek and Addison have an angry scalpel face-off, and she tells him he doesn’t get to play God here. Hey, did you know surgeons have a God complex?

They lose Jen but deliver the baby, who looks to be a strong 24 weeks. But Rob tears Derek apart, calling him a murderer. After this, Mark, who had been sucking up to Derek in preparation for telling him about dating Lexie, picks this moment of all moments to do it. Stupid. So Derek clocks him — twice. And boy can Mark take a punch. And then we’re supposed to believe that these two world-class surgeons would get into a knock-down fistfight in a public area in a hospital that would go on until one of them practically had a broken nose. No wonder Seattle Grace’s ranking has fallen to 12. On the other hand, it’s nice to see Derek with some frailties, and to note that it’s not always Meredith who has to be the neurotic one.

Cristina v. Campbell: Callie’s working with a patient who fractured his ankle because he fell down some stairs after gallbladder surgery — surgery that basically butterflied the guy rather than deal with the problem laparoscopically. When they find out that Dr. Margaret Campbell, an Ellis Grey-style old-school chick surgeon, did the operation, Callie and Cristina fill Owen in — Cristina a little too vocally, because she’s going on and on about Campbell’s incompetence when she appears. And she’s Faye Dunaway. Which would be enough to intimidate anyone. Campbell has her way of doing things, and given that Hunt seems to see her point of view, she takes a shine to him and bristles at Cristina.

To her credit, though, Cristina doesn’t back down, even if she takes it a little too far by going to the chief and all but accusing Ms. Crawford — I mean, Dr. Campbell — of being incompetent. All kidding aside, Dunaway’s quite good, if intense, which is probably the mixed legacy of playing a particular part very well. In surgery to repair a mistake she made on the patient, Campbell puts Cristina through her paces to prove that there’s more than one surgical technique, but in the end Cristina remains unbowed and Campbell decides to retire. After saying she was a god in the OR once. Owen, in his infinite patience with Cristina, points out her similarities to Campbell — and throws in how he wants to be there with her 40 years from now when they’re trying to pry the scalpel from her hands. Aw.

Izzie and the Interns: And here we go. When the patient Izzie thought might have cancer comes back and gives her an earful, it becomes obvious that her test results got mixed up with Izzie’s. I realize Sadie was a screw-up, but seriously, did she have to mess up everything she touched? Izzie loses it to Bailey about the interns’ incompetence, and Bailey’s retort — that she felt the same way about Izzie’s intern class — was priceless. Clearly, Izzie’s trying to deal with a hairy problem straight on, and I applaud her turning her own case into an exercise to teach the interns how to get competent. What I don’t applaud is her inability to just go and get freakin’ diagnosed by someone who knows what they’re doing already. From the look on the dermatology resident’s face when she brought the test results, we know it ain’t good.


  • Bailey chasing the chief’s recommendation letter for her peds fellowship just felt like filler to me, even though it was obvious that he wasn’t playing ball because he didn’t want to lose his successor. Good for Bailey for telling him it’s not up to her to fulfill his plans and hopes.
  • George’s word count: 79. Bailey was totally right to choose George to write her recommendation letter.
  • I should be more frustrated with Callie, whose talking-it-out method of dealing with her issues and her adolescent search for affirmation from Mark really is pretty annoying. But I like that she’s piecing it together bit by bit, and that she’s feeling strong enough to get out there and make an ass of herself. And amen to Arizona for saying that it’s not her job to help Callie grow up.
  • Just something I noticed: Addison apparently travels with her scrub cap. I suppose there’s a possibility that she might’ve scrubbed in on Archer’s surgery, but as a gynecologist/obstetrician/pediatric surgeon, what are the odds?

What did you think? Did the cross-over make you want to watch either show more than you normally would? In what kind of hospital do fistfights between surgeons take place in the halls? And can these people slug back the booze or what?

Posted by:Lisa Todorovich