Trknight3_greysanatomy_240_1I tuned into Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday with some trepidation, wondering how much the events of the past few days would color my perception of the show. As luck would have it, though, it was a Burke-light episode, so all that didn’t much affect my viewing.

(It probably didn’t hurt that, while I was watching the episode, I read about Isaiah Washington’s apology, which sounded a little more sincere than the usual sorry-if-I-offended-anyone boilerplate. Still, that line of his, "There’s no blame here," as he was talking to George about George’s dad made me wince a little.)

Being a member of the Dead Dads Club myself, I did not have the easiest time watching this episode. But the emotional wringer George and his family went through felt real to me, and it’s commendable that aside from George’s one scene of yelling at Bailey and the Chief, writer Krista Vernoff let things play out quietly. It was maybe not the obvious choice, but it worked better. The scene in which the family decided to take Mr. O’Malley off life support pretty well killed me.

Perhaps because the George story was such a downer, Vernoff pumped up the comedy a bit in some of the other stories, making for a bit of a bipolar hour of TV. Izzie and Cristina’s mocking of Meredith as they watched her dad (the increasingly ubiquitous Jeff Perry) bumble around was amusing (and true), as was the opening scene with George beaming at Izzie finally depositing the check and yammering on about rosebuds (T.R. Knight has an underrated gift for physical comedy, methinks).

And who knew Justin Chambers was this funny? His jumpy, defensive reactions to questions about Addison were fantastic; I scarcely thought I’d be saying this, but Karev is becoming one of my favorite characters on this show. And, yeah, he and Addison followed through on their almost-kiss from last week — although given the circumstances under which it occurred, I don’t see a future necessarily full of puppies and rainbows for the two of them.

And was anyone else a little surprised at how harsh Addison was in her blowup with Mark? Based on the available evidence, he may well have deserved it, but to be told you’d make "a terrible father" has got to sting. That Callie eventually led Sloan to that same conclusion helped soften the blow some, but still.

As for Izzie, well, of course she paid for Mae Whitman’s surgery. I remain a little bit bugged by her re-entry into the surgical program, but I guess I’m just going to have to roll with that. Maybe she can use her money to help more needy patients or something.

UPDATE: Vernoff and editor Susan Vaill discuss the episode in a podcast, which you can find here.

So, folks, your thoughts? Does Izzie have any O.R. cred left? Can Addison and Karev find happiness? And how do you handle your partner snoring?

Posted by:Rick Porter