sandraoh 'Grey's Anatomy': Will Cristina go through with her abortion?“Grey’s Anatomy” ended Season 7 with a whole lot of heartache. Not only are Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) are on the rocks after she compromised his clinical trial, but Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) pregnancy is putting a major wedge between her and Owen (Kevin McKidd).

Cristina is not the warm and fuzzy mom type, as evidenced by her desire to terminate her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Owen is putting his foot down: if she gets an abortion, their marriage is over.

We’ll find out whether she goes through with the procedure to terminate the pregnancy in the two-hour premiere on Sept. 22. McKidd tells TVLine, “the writers have written Cristina into a bit of a box,” — and he says that after everything they’ve been through, the baby issue could be a dealbreaker, or just a bump in the road. “[T]he really good juicy stuff gets going when they go, ‘OK, we’re going
to make this as difficult as we possibly can for this couple. They
fought to get together, with the Teddy of it all in Season 6 and then
the PTSD, and now it’s like slam, we’re going to give you the hardest problem of all,” he says.

Place your bets now, Zappers. Is Cristina going to terminate the pregnancy, or will she keep the baby for the sake of her marriage? Weigh in below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie