" has been off the air for weeks, but it's back this Thursday and the Seattle Grace saga continues. Thought I'd answer a few of your questions in preparation…

Any scoop on Arizona/Callie? They're my new favorite couple! -Olivia

When Callie's father finds out about his daughter's relationship with

another woman, he doesn't take it well. At all. In fact he cuts her

off, both monetarily and emotionally. She's devastated

and considers telling her family that she ended things with Arizona just to

get back on their good side.

Will we be seeing more George? I miss him. -Mimi

We'll be seeing a lot more George in the next couple episodes. In fact,

I'm pretty sure there's more George screen time in the next two

episodes than we've had all season. And he's back to being the O'Malley we used to know: a kick ass surgeon. So that's cool.

Are Owen and Cristina going to make up any time soon? –Viki

Not exactly. Their relationship is in a two-steps-back, one-step-forward type stage. But Owen does tell Cristina — in his own way — just

how strongly he feels about her in next Thursday's ep …right

before he puts up another wall.

Do you have any non-relationship or Izzie's-dying-from-cancer scoop? -JJ

In an upcoming episode, Meredith will cross a line with a patient, which

could threaten her job at Seattle Grace. Yep, the Chief says he'll

fire her if she doesn't stay away from this particular case.

Just how long are Mark and Derek going to be fighting? -Krystal

Not forever. But things do get bad enough between them that Derek tells Meredith that he

wants Richard to be his best man. Of course that goes over real well. I mean, what girl doesn't want the dude that

had an affair with her mother standing next to her husband-to-be

on her wedding day? Meredith actually tells Derek that if he invites

Richard, she won't walk down the aisle.

So how insane is Izzie going to get with planning the MerDer wedding? -Jesse

Really insane. Remember a couple seasons back when Izzie decorated

Meredith's house with Christmas stuff to get her mind off Alex's infidelity? Yeah, well this time she's dealing with cancer. And she will use her illness to get a lot of the things she wants/needs. It's working for her. I mean, she guilts Mer into trying on a lot of wedding dresses. Plus, she fools several people into thinking she's sicker

than she is, so they'll come to her.

You psyched for the return of 'Grey's'? Couldn't care less?

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