The “Grey’s Anatomy” music event is finally airing Thursday (March 31) and we’ll finally see if Callie pulls through after a car accident that left her with several life-threatening injuries. Yet, whatever happens to her character, Sara Ramirez is still thrilled by the genre-crossing episode.
“It was very exciting, [‘Grey’s’ creator Shonda Rhimes] has been wanting to do this since the show started,” Ramirez tells Access Hollywood Live.
Tony award-winning Ramirez is quite the accomplished singer and just released an 8-song EP available on iTunes now. Yet despite all her experience, she says she still gets nervous when she performs.
“I get nervous every time [I sing] because I care,” she says. “I think the day that you’re not nervous, is the day you should start doing something else.”

While Ramirez’s character is the focus of this episode, many of her cast mates lend their voices to some of our favorite “Grey’s” classics including songs by The Fray and Snow Patrol, among others and she says fans will be surprised to hear how good everyone else sings.
“It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase some peoples’ talents,” she says. “I think the surprise is about the people we don’t know who can sing… We have great voices in our cast, I’m really proud of everybody.”

Aren’t you excited the music event is almost here? Or is your excitement dampered by the fact that we may lose Callie or her baby or both?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog